2 Clash Royale arena deck, the best decks to win

Our articles on Clash Royale Deck arena 2 Clash Royale, the best decks to win Here are the strongest and most effective decks for arena 2 of Clash Royale. We offer you a list with advice!

Overall Arena 2 maps do not change with our decks of the arena 1 just a few additions that can still help you in your fights. Perhaps the most important card you can use is thearmy of skeletons and Baby dragon.

For your Arena 2 decks, you will use your Giant as tank main. the Baby dragon will be used to eliminate small troops as well as spells such as Fireball and Arrows.

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What are the best arena 2 Clash Royale 2022 decks?

Deck 1: Giant Tombstone

Your main tank is the Giant. Place it in the background of the map to start. Then place your tomb stone so that it sends skeletons continuously and helps you during your push. Then send your Mini PEKKA to counter, for example, Valkyries or the Mousketeers. You can also add your Fireball to eliminate other troops and inflict even more damage on the tower.

In defense, the tomb stone is also a good asset since it makes it possible to rotate the Giant opponent while you deal damage with the tower. You can then place your army of skeletons to finish the job.

Deck 2 : Complet

Your main tank is always your Giant because at this level of arena, it is the only tank card. To start the fight, you can play your Valkyrie behind the king's tower while waiting for your opponent to lay down his first cards. If your opponent plays a Giant, place your Cage gobleline in the middle of your field then accompany it with your Mini PEKKA. You can accompany your giant push with Gargoyles.

In defense, all your cards can be used to counter your opponent's attacks except for the Giant. La Valkyrie is a very good defense card in Clash Royale.

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