9 Clash Royale arena deck, the best decks to win

Our articles on Clash Royale Deck arena 9 Clash Royale, the best decks to win Here are the strongest and most effective decks for arena 9 of Clash Royale. We offer you a list with advice!

In Arena 9, the cards you will use the most are the Sarbacane goblin and the fate of poison. This is the last arena before moving on to the Mount of Pigs in which you will have important cards such as Elite Barbarians,  Rider and Golem.

The decks that we are going to present to you are very different and use different mechanics. In the first, we find the double Prince which is a recognized combo. In the second, we find the PEKKA and  Rider.

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What are the best arena 9 Clash Royale 2022 decks?

Deck 1 : Double Prince

To start, place your dark prince, Prince ou giant goblin behind the king's tower. These are 3 tanks that can be played in attack as defense. Throw them one after the other until the opponent has nothing left to defend. 

In defense, you have the 2 Princes, Gang de gobelins and Bats. About the Fireball, it can be used to defend or to finish already weakened enemy towers.

Deck 2: PEKKA Rider

You can start the fight by placing your Wizard behind the king's tower. You can then put your PEKKA Or your Rider in front of him so that he takes aggro from the tower. If the opponent plays a Hell Tower, cast your spell from Gel in order to stop it. 

In terms of defense, you have the Valkyrie which is a very useful card defensively. You then have an efficient building which is the Hell Tower. Wizard is obviously a perfect card for a complete defense since it takes care of both air and ground troops.

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