All planets in Jedi: Fallen Order

Cal's path to becoming a Jedi in Jedi: Fallen Order takes him all over the Star Wars galaxy. He visits several planets, filled with a variety of enemies ready to kill him like a Jedi.

With Jedi: Fallen Order finally releasing, we know all the planets available in the game.

  • Bracca (prologue)
  • Bogano
  • Zeffo
  • Dathomir
  • Kashyyyk
  • Ilum
  • Only

These are the planets in the game. Given how much time you'll be spending on them, it makes sense to take your time and go through the maps. The developers have designed the giant planet for you to explore and find the secrets if you are willing to look.

Those who have already started playing the game have probably found themselves in inaccessible places. If you can't get through a particular area, don't worry. You are going to have the chance to return with a new variety of BD-1 powers and tools to overcome the challenges.

If you're hoping for more planets in the future, we have bad news for you. Respawn doesn't plan to release any DLC for the game. They wanted to make it a purely single-player experience, so they released everything at once.

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