Animal Crossing New Horizons: Miles Nook, all program objectives

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Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons: Miles Nook, all the objectives of the Miles Nook program are necessary to progress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! We explain all the ways to get it.

The Miles Nook program is an important part ofAnimal Crossing, which allows you to obtain loyalty points, which can be exchanged for objects, clothing, plans, guides... at the Nook Stop in the Residents' Office! It is therefore necessary to have some, and we explain the different ways to win some.

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Miles Nook, program objectives

When you arrive on the island, Tom Nook will register you in the Miles Nook program, a loyalty program allowing you to earn points which can be exchanged for items at the Nook Stop! To get some, there are several possibilities: you can either take advantage of the bonus that is offered to you each time you connect to the Nook Stop for the first time today, or take advantage of the ones that Tom Nook will give you sometimes.

Otherwise, you can also fill in the Nook Miles program goals, available from your NookPhone! We detail below a large part of the objectives. Please note, however, that this list is not complete. Once your goal has been validated, don't forget to collect your Nook Miles in the application.

Welcome Miles Unlocks upon arrival on the island
Fisherman who knows how to fish Fishing
Island ichthyologist Listing fish in your Babypedia
Say hello ! Speak with every resident of the island in a day multiple times
Not corny! catch insects
Everything that swarms Listing insects in your Babypedia
Bricollection Collect DIY Plans
DIY tools Manufacture tools
DIY furniture Craft furniture
Personal decoration Customize furniture
lumberjack woodcutter Hit a tree a set number of times with an ax
Breakage pays off break tools
Shoveling pebbles Hit a stone 8 times in a row
Fossils, real miles Dig up your first fossil
Fossil expertise Have a large number of fossils appraised
Farewell, the weed Sell ​​a lot of weed
Flower power Plant flowers
The sprinkler watered watering flowers
Forestation Plant tree seedlings
cornucopia sell fruit
Fruit for all tastes Plant a fruit tree with non-local fruits
Seafood Sell ​​shells found on the shore
Clam fishing Digging up clams
Fished waste Pick up trash
master fisherman Catch a large number of fish in a row
Dream house Upgrade your house multiple times
decorator decorated Obtain S rank by Happy Decorators Academy
The art of furnishing Place multiple indoor furniture in your home
A little order Place multiple items in your storage space
Chain decoration Renovate your house several times
Helping others Access to several requests from residents
The tactic of facial expressions Learn facial expressions from your neighbors
There is no photo Take a photo with the Camera app
Passport in order Change your passport with the Passport app on your NookPhone
Addicted to the screen Using your NookPhone for the 10th time
NookPhone Layman Using your NookPhone for the 1th time
Ample shopping Buy multiple items with the Nook Shopping app
Collectionnite Catalog a large number of furniture or clothes in the Nook Shopping app
chain of miles Complete Daily Miles Nook Challenges
The purchase that pays off Make a first purchase in a store
Second hand Make a first sale in a boutique
Loan paid! Paying off your starting debt to Tom Nook
Sorrel Spend a lot of bells in shops
Green capitalism Buy your first turnip in Porcelette
Clochettisation of turnips Make big profits selling turnips
Credit, it's over Finish paying off your home loan to Tom Nook
Benefits of display Write for the first time on your bulletin board
Friendship doesn't wait Send letters
Flea catcher Treat animals against fleas
Memories and changes Recover a cicada molt in summer
The beautiful wasps! Catch five wasps in a row
I think, therefore I well Craft your first trap
Miles dart-dart Get stung by wasps twice and pass out
Fainted ? Yes Yes ! Get bitten by a poisonous insect and pass out
At the bottom of the hole Falling into a trap for the first time
sunken treasure Use the slingshot to pop a balloon when it's floating above the water to make the treasure splash
gifts from heaven Burst treasure balloons
The look of the fence Place at least 20 fence segments around your house or garden
snow artist Build Perfect Yetitis
Not wishful thinking Number of wishes made while admiring shooting stars
loose earth Number of furniture placed on the island
'Island name' at heart Change your Anthem flag and island for the first time
Island Remod Use the Remod'île app and obtain a path, river and cliff permit
madly secret Follet found a number of times
Helping the shipwrecked Gulliver helped a number of times
GG, Keke! Attend several Kéké concerts
Blossoming friendship Maximum friendship with several residents
Birthday party Celebrate their birthday with several residents
Happy Birthday ! Play on your birthday
Fishing tournament! Participate in the fishing tournament every season
Insect Safari! Participate in the insectosafari every month, during the months when it is organized
New year, new miles Participate for the first time in the New Year's party
Fashion wardrobe Obtain a wardrobe and use it to change outfits for the first time
Change of scenery Using the Custom Patterns app for the first time
Pattern Expert Using the pro version of the custom pattern app for the first time
Six rooms underground Use the shovel to dig up the buried treasure for the first time
Mobilier why Knock down pieces of furniture from a tree
golden tools Obtain your first gold tools of each type
Hello neighbors Visit other players' islands
Promote your island Bring guests to your island
daily labor Spend several days on the island

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