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Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nook Shopping, unlocking the application It is possible to unlock the Nook Shopping application in Animal Crossing, we explain how!

The Residents' OfficeAnimal Crossing: New Horizons welcomes a somewhat special terminal: the Nook Stop! In this terminal, you can notably access the Nook Shopping, which allows you to purchase items that are not available in the store. This Nook Shopping, you can also find it as an application in your Nook Phone, we explain how!

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Unblock the Nook Shopping app

Le Nook Shopping, which you can find in the Nook Stop located at the Residents' Office, and which allows you to buy new items every day in exchange for bells, is also available as an app ! You can unlock it in your Nook Phone, which allows you to no longer have to go to the Nook Stop to see the new items on sale, and therefore save a lot of time.

To unlock this application, nothing could be simpler! It is enough simply to have made 100 different purchases in Nook Shopping. The application installs directly after in your Nook Phone, and you can access it quickly.

Source: @Observatoire_AC

FYI, in the Nook Shopping you can find two new items every day, but also various clothes, as well as different music each time. It is therefore very interesting to consult this application every day, to find items that you would not have in the Nook Shop.

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