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Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons: NookPhone, all apps When you arrive on the island, you will receive a NookPhone! What is it for and what applications are available?

When you arrive at Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook provides you with a NookPhone. This is a phone with access to various useful applications, which will help you in your daily life on the island. Discover the applications offered by the NookPhone, and what they are used for!

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Le NookPhone includes various applications, and more will be added as your adventure progresses. The list below may not be complete, we will update it as soon as we get new applications!


L'camera, you guessed it, is for taking pictures! These photos are saved in the Album on your Switch and are visible to other console users, such as when you take screenshots.

With this device, it is possible to take cute photos of your adventures on the island, and even customize them using filters ! You can also zoom in, zoom out, change framing... There's plenty to have fun with this feature!

Miles Nook et Miles Nook +

The Miles Nook allows you to access the loyalty program offered by Tom Nook. This program allows you to get points, the Nook Miles, allowing pay off your first debt, but also to obtain DIY objects or plans at Nook Stop !

These Nook Miles are obtained by taking part in activities on the island. You can get some for example by fishing, digging up fossils, but also by selling a lot of objects or by going to chat with the locals. The possibilities are multiple, and for each Nook Miles obtained, you also win a Title for your Passport.

By upgrading your house tent, the app will become Miles Nook+, the upgraded version of the program. You will then have daily missions to complete to earn even more Nook Miles!


La Babypedia is kind of Pokédex, gathering all the bugs et fish that you have caught at least once! By selecting the fish or insect of your choice, you can access more details: its catch period, Its hours of activity, as well as its presence or not in the museum.


This app lists all the diy blueprints what you learned. You can use it to find out what material you are missing for crafting an item, without having to return to the Residents Bureau. You unlock it by completing the DIY workshop.

Nook Shopping

After 100 purchases at Nook Shopping of the Nook Stop, you will unlock this application! It has exactly the same function as the Nook Stop: allowing you to make purchases in exchange for Bells. Thanks to the application, this time you can do them from anywhere, anytime.

Custom patterns

The custom patterns have been present for a very long time in Animal Crossing, and they are still present in this opus! Originally, they could be made in the Fairy Finger Sisters shop. This time, they are more accessible because available via a application.

You can make using this application all the patterns of your choice, and wear them in clothing and even in make-up !


La carte is a very useful complement to the mini-map that appears in the game. Indeed, this one details the environment much more, with the location of all residentsbut also buildings present in the game.

It also indicates the different levels of terrain thanks to the shades of green, the darkest being level 0, and the lightest level 2.


Le passport is the fun Nookphone app! you can customize entirely, since it's your character's information. On it appears your name, the name of your island, basic fruit of your island, but also the title of your choice (below "Pocket Camper") that you can get with Nook Miles! You can also add a custom message, and change the photo as you wish.

Island Remod

By finishing the main story, so after the Kéké concert, you will have access to Remod'île, the island's terraforming application. This is an editor that will allow you to redo everything: cliffs, paths, rivers... You can completely arrange your island according to your tastes!

Call a resident

L'application « Call a residentt” actually serves to play in multiplayer with the resident of your choice! To receive this application, you must have a second profile on your console, and use it to create a new game. This new player will then move to your island, and you will then be possible to play two at the same time with the split screen of the Switch.

help desk

The application of help desk can be useful in emergencies ! If you get stuck somewhere or get lost, then you can use it to get out of that situation. Please note that this aid is not not free and Nook Miles will be asked of you in return.

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