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Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons: Pollux Fishing Tournament Rewards The Fishing Tournament is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Find out what rewards you can collect by earning tournament points with Pollux.

Fishing is an iconic activity in Animal Crossing, which has often resulted in fishing tournaments. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Pollux allows you to participate in a fishing tournament once per season. For the spring season, the tournament takes place on Saturday, April 11, and we explain how the rewards work!

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Fishing Tournament Rewards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Each 2nd Saturday of April, July, October and January a fishing tournament is taking place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, organized by Pollux! Various awards are to be won during these tournaments, as well as trophies.

Once you got 10 points or more during a tournament, go talk to Pollux who will exchange it for a random reward. You can win several rewards in the same day, and if you miss some, you can try to have them at the next tournament! You will never get the same reward twice.


10 points = 1 reward

Here is the list of rewards you can get once you have accumulated 10 points:

  • the marine pop wall
  • the fish rug
  • the decorated cooler
  • the fish baguette
  • the fishing bag
  • the ichthyogram
  • the fish pattern t-shirt
  • fish umbrella
  • the anchor sculpture
  • the fish plate
  • fishing rod display
  • a fish dryer
  • the fish pouch

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Fishing Tournament Trophies in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As the fishing tournament takes place several times a year (once per season), all your points accumulated over all the tournaments allow you to win trophies!

If you accumulate enough points, Pollux will send you a trophy by post the day after one of the tournaments. 

Trophies Number of accumulated points
bronze trophy 100 point
silver trophy 200 point
gold trophy 300 point

Point system

For each participation, you accumulate points according to the number of fish caught. For each fish caught you get 1 point and if you catch more than 3 fish you get 2 extra points!


1 fish = 1 point

Bonus if you have 3 fish or more = +2 points




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