Animal Crossing New Horizons: Special characters, list and description

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons: Special characters, list and description There are many special characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and they all have a very specific function! Find out who they are.

Dance Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will often have to deal with special characters, who are NPCs. These will ask you to do them a favor, will be important for the rest of the story or will just be there to sell and buy you items! We present them all to you in the list below.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons special characters

  Name Description
Albin Albin is this scary bunny, who visited all the players for a week, on the occasion of the egg festival ! It has earned many Easter-themed rewards.
Blaise Blaise is an itinerant leather worker. Once a week from the moment Layette and Cousette set up their shop, he will come to sell you shoes, socks, tights and bags of all kinds.
Celestial Céleste, Thibou's sister, is the harbinger of a shooting star rain the evening of his arrival. She will give you a Magic wand allowing you to store no less than 10 outfits in 1 inventory slot. By talking to him, you can also get many diy blueprints !
Jason New figure from this Animal Crossing opus, Djason loves insects that he will buy back a higher price than Méli and Mélo. Put aside your tarantulas and other valuable insects, sell them to him when he visits you, once a week !
leaflet leaflet will give you an item that you don't have in your catalog if you help him catch his 5 spirits with your net. Its appearance is random, at night between 20 p.m. and 4 a.m.
Gulliver Gulliver is a sailor who regularly washes up on your island. Your mission is to provide it with 5 transmitter circuits by digging on your beach to repair its transmitter, to allow it to set sail again. In exchange for this, he will give you the next day a gift by post. Help him 30 times and you will get the gold shovel diy blueprint !
"Joe" Once the Nook Shop is set up, Joe will visit you on your island. You will then have the opportunity to go as you please to his island where he has installed Photopia, a photography studio where the rooms can be converted as you see fit.
Keke Laglisse Kéké Laglisse is the iconic singer of Animal Crossing. His discs are purchasable at the Nookstop, and it is also possible to unlock his arrival on the island by following the course of your adventure with Tom Nook and Marie. Once his visit is unblocked, Kéké Laglisse will organize concerts every Saturday evening at 20 p.m..
Layette & Cousette Commonly called the Fairy finger sisters, they will occasionally appear on your island to sell or sew clothes and accessories of all kinds. Once their customers have been permanently acquired, they will come to set up their shop permanently open between 10 a.m. and 21 p.m.
Marie Marie appears once the Residents' Office is upgraded. Tom Nook's assistant, It is in charge of all the administration of the island such as neighborhood problems, the reputation of your island or the change of anthem or coat of arms.
Meli & Melo Tom Nook's twins and grandnephews are in charge of the Boutique Nook, open between 8 a.m. and 22 p.m. ATbuying almost everything and selling sometimes valuable goods, they are central to the development of your island. Note that the turnip redemption rate changes twice a day, at noon and midnight!
Morris & Rodrigue These two Dodos hold with a master's hand the airport of your island. The first is at the counter and takes care of regulate air traffic between the different islands as well as you give your Dodo Code in order to welcome villagers to your island. The second takes you aboard his seaplane to different islands, whether they are mystery islands, friends, or complete strangers who have given you their Dodo Code.
Piglet Porcelette is Porcella's granddaughter. Although holding an awkward speech, she will sell you his turnips every Sunday morning until noon provided you have built the Nook Shop. Their purchase price varies between 80 and 110 bells unit while Méli and Melo will buy them back between 8 and 800 bells.

Present on your island every third Saturday of the month, Pollux organizes fishing tournaments. The principle is simple, catch as many fish as possible in 3 minutes. He will then give you a reward based on your score. You can repeat the tournament as many times as you want.


Pollux is a big fan of fish, and will buy you back your fish more expensive than Méli and Mélo, just like Djason with his insects! He will also visit your island once a week.

Root Root is a lazy introduced into the game on the occasion of the nature day ! He occasionally holds a garden stand in the large square, in which it is possible to obtain various bushes and flowers !
Risette & Serge Risette & Serge form a couple of alpacas, and will arrive in the game in June, for the wedding season ! You will have to take the prettiest picture to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
Rounard Rounard is a fox that will pass by your island from time to time. You will find his trawler on the secret beach, and he will sell you works of art. Be careful though, these could well be counterfeit...
Sarah Sarah is a traveling saleswoman appearing from time to time on your island. She will sell you mystery floors and wallpapers, as well as mats available in 3 different sizes.
Thibou Thibou is a great person. A friend of animals although afraid of insects, he is the curator of the museum. He will give you a brief description of the different species of fish, insects and fossils that you will give him in order toenrich the museum.
ticket Cousin of Layette and Cousette, Tag spawns randomly on the square of the Residents' Office once the Boutique of its cousins ​​is installed on your island. This queen of fashion will ask you to wear a specific outfit in exchange for tickets having a value of 3 Bells in the Fairy Fingers Sisters Shop.
Tom nook Tom Nook, emblematic character of the series, is at the head of the Residents office. It is in this place evolving thereafter that you will be able to advance in the story of your island, tinker or carry out construction projects.
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