Animal Crossing New Horizons: Tools, how to make them, guide and tip

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Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons: Tools, how to make them, guide and tip Tools are essential for life on the deserted island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Find out how to make them.

By talking with Thibou, he will give you a shovel so that you can dig up fossils in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Corn how do you use the shovel, and especially where to easily find fossils? We give you all the tips!

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How to craft tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Most tools in New Horizons are crafted from DIY workbench, located in the Residents Office! To use it, you just need to have learned the diy blueprint of the tool in question, and to bring together the material necessary for its manufacture. We explain below how to get DIY plans. Note that thereafter, each tool will also be for sale in the Nook Shop.

Initially, each tool will be rudimentary, that is, it will break easily. To go from a rudimentary tool to a regular tool and therefore more resistant, you will need to go to Nook Stop Residents office, and buy the DIY plan named "Making Good Tools".

In summary, to unlock the tools:

Steps Rewards
Complete the Tinkering Workshop Plan: Rough Fishing Rod
Making a fishing rod Blueprint: Rudimentary Net
Give a 2nd creature to Tom Nook Plan: Crude Ax
Give a 4nd creature to Tom Nook Plan: Basic Watering Can
Go see Thibou Plan: rudimentary shovel + pole
Install all 3 Resident House Kits Plan: scale

The fishing rod

About the fishing rodIs Tom nook, which will provide you with the DIY plan, once you complete the DIY workshop! It is with this tool that you will learn to use the workbench for the first time. No need to get a DIY plan for this tool!

The net

After teaching you how to use the crafting workbench to craft A fishing rod, Tom nook will give you the DIY plan for make a net. With a net, you can catch all the insects you come across!

The shovel

For the shovelIs Thibou, the curator of the museum, who will give you the DIY plan! Before the Museum opens, you'll need to provide Thibou with enough items for him to open it, so you'll need a shovel to dig up fossils. That's when he'll offer you the rudimentary shovel DIY blueprint!


Concerning the perch, that's also Thibou who will give you his manufacturing plan! He will give it to you at the same time as the shovel, when he is on your island and is considering building a museum.

The H

For the axe, it's Tom Nook who will give you his DIY plan! Give him a second creature at the start of your game, and he will give you this plan in exchange.

The slingshot

The slingshot, don't wait for us to offer it to you! Indeed, it is one of the only tools that does not need to be crafted at the DIY Workbench. To get it, buy it from the Nook Shop directly, without buying the DIY plan like for other tools.

The watering can

To get the watering can, meet in the Boutique Nook either to buy it directly or to buy the manufacturing plan ! We recommend that you buy the blueprint anyway, so you can craft one whenever you need it.

The scale

For scaleIs Tom nook who will provide you with the plan! Once you have installed the kits of the three resident houses given by Tom Nook, he will explain to you that you need a crown of flowers, and for that you will have to go to the cliffs! He will therefore provide you with the DIY plan of the ladder, to access these cliffs.
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