Antique Animal Crossing statuette, true or false at Rounard?

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Antique Animal Crossing statuette, true or false at Rounard? Rounard is one of the known characters of Animal Crossing, allowing to obtain works of art for the Museum! How to know if the antique statuette is real or fake?

If you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will quickly meet Rounard, one of the emblematic characters of the license! By going to him, you can notably buy works of art, which are often paintings or sculptures.

However, some of these works are counterfeits, and will not be accepted at the Museum! Among these works is the antique figurine. But how do you tell the difference between real and fake? We explain below.

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How to know if the ancient statuette is real or fake on Animal Crossing?

The works sold on Rounard's stand are numerous, and many of them may be counterfeits! If so, they will be refused at the Museum, and the resale price will be very low compared to the purchase price. But suddenly, how to differentiate the real works from the fake ones?

These works all exist in real life, and when it comes to counterfeiting, a big flaw is always present. This is the case of the antique figurine, which has additional antennas on the character's head:

True False

If you don't know this statue, it is a Dogu Statue. It is easy to spot antennas added on this statue, and whether it is a counterfeit or a real one! If you notice this defect, it is therefore not recommended to buy it from Rounard. Wait for the real statue to go on sale!

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