Artifact: Lexicon and mechanics

Our articles on Artifact Artifact: Lexicon and mechanics You do not understand certain terms used in Artifact? Don't panic, our lexicon is there for you.

Artifact is the new card game developed by Valve. Based on the Dota2 universe, it differs from other card games by its particular mechanics. Here is a list of important terms that you may come across as you play.

French name English name Description
Former Ancient Replaces a Tower on a Lane when destroyed. Has twice the life of a Tower. Destroying an Ancient wins the game
death shield Death Shield Instead of dying, the unit survives with 1 hit point.
Sentenced Condemn Destroy a unit, equipment or upgrade. Death Shield protects from destruction, but not damage immunity.
Rapid deployment Rapid Deployment A Hero with Quick Deploy can directly be reused the turn after his death.
Disarmament Disarm A disarmed unit does not attack during the combat phase.
Dizziness Stun A stunned unit is silenced and disarmed.
Extension cleavage If the unit is blocked in the combat phase, it inflicts its Extension damage to the neighbors of its target.
Fontaine Fountain The area where Heroes return after being killed. They must spend 2 turns in the Fountain before being redeployed.
Damage Immunity Damage Immunity Protects from all damage. The unit can still be doomed.
Provocation Taunt. All nearby enemies are forced to attack the unit.
Purifies Purge Remove my changes and temporary effects. Cannot remove basic abilities.
Regeneration Regeneration The unit recovers HP during the combat phase.
riposte retaliate If the unit is attacked during a battle, inflicts damage on the attackers.
Head office Siege If the unit is pinned in the combat phase, it inflicts its Siege damage to the enemy tower.
Silence Silence A silenced unit cannot use its abilities. It is impossible to play a card of the color of a silenced Hero.
Tour Tower Serves as a HP and Mana gauge for a Lane. Destroy two Towers to win the game
Neighbors Neighbours Units directly to the left or right of a unit.
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