Can the PS4 camera be used on PS5?

If the PlayStation 5 is anything like its predecessor, a camera accessory will likely play a major role in making some of the system's best features accessible. On the PS4, the camera is required for VR use, while allowing players to view while streaming from the console. So many owners are now wondering if they have to shell out up to $60 extra to use these capabilities on the next generation.

Well, that doesn't seem to be the case, at least for one feature. “The PlayStation Camera will work with the PS5 to play supported PS VR games,” says Isabelle Tomatis from Sony Blog PlayStation. “It will require a PlayStation Camera Adapter which will be provided at no additional cost to PS VR users.” There's no indication of how Sony plans to supply these adapters, but it's a gracious incentive for those who want to use their old motion controls on the new console.

However, since Tomatis works in Sony's VR marketing department, the blog doesn't indicate whether the current camera model will work in other circumstances. This detail will likely come to light when Sony reveals the PS5's streaming functionality. On the plus side, the post also stated that Motion Motion Controllers will also work with “supported” VR games. However, Sony has yet to reveal what these PS5 compatible VR games are.

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