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Our articles about Clash Royale Clash Royale: Royal Arena 7 Ghost Golem Deck A variation without the Extractor of Golem decks, but not without efficiency, quite the contrary.

Public chat Clash Royale, our deck guide, based on the G and Royal Ghost, will help you get into arenas. Here we have a list that has already proven itself in Tournaments mode and is not based on theelixir extractor, even if the cost of the deck is very high. However, the addition of cards like the gobelin hut flying machine and Royal Ghost, our star, makes it all work.


Composition of the deck


Royal Ghost

gobelin hut

Mega Gargoyle

flying machine

witch of the night

Electrocution / Zap


Average cost : 4,1

Difficulty : Medium/Hard


Function of cards :

G : The main victory condition, without a doubt. Like all tanks, its main purpose is to make sure your units can do the work behind it. However, the fact that he can launch his two Golemites after his death, by adding the damage to the death of the latter, can make the task very complicated for the adversary.

Royal Ghost : L'other victory condition. To be more precise, it is a card that is effective in defense, but also in attack, especially when it is used in counter-attack. Its versatility and its "disappearing" mechanic also make it more difficult for the opponent. A great addition, no doubt.

gobelin hut : An ideal card to start a game, improve your defense and create attention. Having a building is always a good thing for defense, but the Hut will also create constant pressure, which can force the opponent to slam units or a spell like Poison, for example. As we say Surgical Goblin besides, it's a card that doesn't necessarily reveal the composition of our deck.

Mega Gargoyle : A card that is excellent in air and solar defense, which can also do good damage. The fact that it has good hit points is an undeniable asset.

flying machine : She is more comfortable in attack, because she has a range that can make a difference, such as her damage. She is also good in defense, although in the majority of cases, the task will naturally go to the Mega Gargoyle, because it has more life.

witch of the night : An iconic card from the decks G. She offers a welcome ground defense, even if it is not totally her forte. What matters is its duality on the ground and in the air, thanks to its Bats, made better thanks to Golem.

Electrocution / Zap : An essential card in this type of deck, whether to interrupt (like the hell dragon) or to counter small units.

Poison : Your heaviest spell, which is able to reduce the influence of enemy buildings (theExtractor included), but also useful in defense, as in attack. In other words, it's a card that has always stood out for its versatility and fits in this deck like a glove. Finally, do not hesitate to use it against a Graveyard, making it almost useless.

Start / middle game (up to 1min)

When you have a heavy deck, especially with the G, this means that in the vast majority of cases, two principles will apply. The first thing is that slamming the entry Golem will, in most cases, lead to your defeat. The other principle is that your attitude, at the start of the game, is going to be defensive.

As we wrote, the gobelin hut is a great opening, since you have enough to defend behind, in general, no matter what your opponent throws at you. Otherwise, do nothing and in this case, two situations will arise.
The first, which is the most common, is that your opponent is going to launch an offensive and in this case you must defend with what you have and the most adequate. In the second case, since your deck is better during the double elixir period, you can wait for the remaining minute to arrive, since your deck is made to win the game on a devastating push, or even two.

As for the Royal Ghost, try to use it, if possible, when you have two units left after a defense: it costs little elixir, but the potential damage is excellent and can even earn you a Tower, which is not to be neglected .
As for the G, use it only if you are certain that by putting it on, you will take reasonable damage or not at all. Otherwise, you should keep it for the double elixir period, where it is better to exploit it.


Double Elixir and Overtime

This is when your deck is going to be most effective and should make a difference, if you haven't already. You should be able to impose your golems and to focus the opponent's attention on their defense, although you always have to keep an eye out. Don't hesitate to do your pushes on the line where the Cabane is acting.
If you do it right, you should be able to land another G before your initial push is totally wiped out or if he's taken the Rook, to keep the pressure on. If you've played your cards wisely and aren't at a huge disadvantage, victory should be yours.

What is the problem / Replacements

As you can imagine, the cards that cause problems are tanks or anti-tanks, such as the hell dragon Hell Tower, PEKKA and Mega Knight. For the first two cards, it is crucial to use your flying machine, which can make the difference, with the Zap. For the other two, the one that will cause the most concern is the PEKKA . However, with your punching power and if you don't make big mistakes, it should eventually pass or do good damage.

What's likely to cause the most problems are Cycle-type decks, especially when they're very aggressive. Indeed, the risk in this kind of case is that as your deck is heavy, there will be more possibilities that either you cannot impose your game, or that you make mistakes in defense. The end result is that it leads to too much elixir loss and a cycle that is less. The rest you should be fine with.


Only one replacement, in our opinion, is possible in this deck, in our opinion and that is the Royal Ghost. If you don't have it or consider it too weak, we strongly advise you to replace it with two other legendaries:

- The thief : with it, you keep this counter-attack component and the boring side to defend.

- The Lumberjack: If we take into account the last balance, it also represents a viable option that will give a boost to your units on death, while doing very good damage and not being too fragile.


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