Clash Royale: Best November Balancing Golem Deck

Our articles about Clash Royale Clash Royale: Best November balancing Golem deck Are you a Golem fan, but you don't know how to build an effective deck? We come to your rescue!

The November balancing does not directly affect the G, even if the cannon cart and royal ghost can be used in a deck where we rely on our big tank to achieve victory. Here, our deck guide (Arena 8) is based on a video recently posted by Clash with Ash where he welcomes one of the best players in the ladder, but also from CRL NA : Romanian Royal.

He recently finished 3rd in the October ladder with 7.229 trophies and won the CRL NA with Immortals where he played a vital role. He offers us a deck Golem triple sort (with a variant) which, although heavy, because it does not haveelixir extractor, is able to win you games, whether in the ladder or in challenges.

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Composition of the Deck



witch of the night

Mega Gargoyle

Baby dragon

Barbarian Barrel


Average cost : 4.0 Type : Beatdown

It's a deck that features units and spells that have become recurring in compositions around the G. What we can also say is that it's a deck that doesn't have really light troops, even if the addition of the Barbarian Barrel can be. Moreover, it represents a good addition, as we will write later.

Our two legendary cards, the woodcutter and witch of the night, go well in decks like this.
As for the first, you have to think that a deck with the G will work based on the effectiveness of the units that are behind the big tough. Even if it's not the best card defensively, it brings an undeniable plus, thanks to its speed which can also benefit others when it dies.
As for the witch of the night, her air and ground duality is very appreciable during the main pushes and she is also able to do her share of the work in defense.

The two aerial maps are also classics. the Baby dragon will bring an attack radius necessary for the proper defensive and offensive functioning of the deck, but also has a nice synergy with the Tornado. As for the mega gargoyle, it is difficult to do without its versatility, but above all a very profitable card for its moderate cost (3 elixirs).

As for spells, we can also see them often in decks G, apart from the recent addition of the Barbarian Barrel. The latter is very useful, since it serves as a light spell on the ground, but can also help in defense and attack, making it attractive.
La Tornado is a desirable addition that will win your defenses, pushes and synergizes well with the Baby dragon and G when it explodes. Additionally, it can activate your King's Tower if used correctly.
Although we could choose the Lightning for example, the Poison will be our "heavy" spell, both in defense and in attack, being sure to finish a game. In addition, it helps to control the cost of the deck.

Exploit it well and you can win hands down

The use of G should not be done anyhow, nor like that of the Poison.

As explained in the video, the G should only be put on the field if your opponent has used their victory condition, since it often provides a sufficient shooting window. Using him blind is extremely risky, since you don't know what he may have and whether you can properly defend what he is going to throw at you.
As for the Poison, you will use it defensively at first, since it is not necessarily necessary offensively (it is better to use the Tornado). As it has been extensively explained in the video, it is best to put it on as soon as you see a elixir extractor at the start of the game, but less in x2 elixir.

In any case, don't be afraid to take hits in defense. Your goal is to undermine your opponent on one or more powerful pushes which he is obliged to linger (in the majority of cases). Therefore, you must launch your G when a window opens, supply it with your troops while taking the least possible risk and use your spells as necessary.

Of course, you are going to have cards that are going to give you problems like the PEKKA, Dragon and Hell Tower, but in the end, it's a fairly simple deck to play, available from arena 8 and very effective.

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