Clash Royale: Deck Zap / Log Bait Arena 9

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Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale: Deck Zap / Log Bait Arena 9 Back in fashion, this deck, based on scratching and errors, is very bad.

Public chat Clash Royale, our deck guide, based on the "Zap / Log Bait" strategy, will help you level up in arenas. He ranked number 1 of the decks that allowed 20 wins during the challenge that gave access to phase 2 of the CCGS Autumn. Revealing his strength Tournament mode (a little less in ladder), this deck is based on the Zap or Log Bait strategy, which boils down to forcing the opponent to use one of these two spells (or the arrows), to gain an advantage over those it cannot, in theory, deal with (or at a loss). Coupled with great defense, this deck does, as we said, really badly.


Composition of the deck

Goblin barrel

Gang de gobelins



ice spirit

The log


Hell Tower

Average cost : 3,3

Difficulty : Medium/Hard


Function of cards

Was at Goblins : The first of your victory conditions. Since it can be thrown anywhere on the map, the goal is to put it directly on a tower, protected or not by a unit, either in order to do damage, or to see what the opponent possesses. Left alone (there are 3 of them), they do good damage, which most of the time forces the opponent to cast a spell, hence the term Zap ou Log Bait.


Gang of Gobelins : The second of your victory conditions. As the Keg, if left alone, they do massive amounts of damage, forcing the opponent to use a spell, which can force the opponent to defend losing elixirs. At the end of a game, they can also be very useful in defense.


Princess : The third of your victory conditions. Despite its fragility, it is a complicated card to manage, especially if you used your spells. Indeed, thanks to its range, it can reach targets from very far away, whether from the opposite line or from the bridge before the river. Therefore, it is the only unit, outside headquarters, that can do this.


Hell tower : A deck with a good defense must have the best anti tank tool. If the opponent prepares his push badly, with cards like the G or Lava Hound, for example, he will pay dearly for it.


Knight : Your mini tank au sol, able to play the towel for a few moments, but also very useful in defense, doing significant damage.


ice spirit : A good card to complete an opposing push, useful in offense as in defense, thanks to its short gel.


The log : A very useful card in defense, because it allows you to slow down or stop fast floor pushes, but also small units.


Roquette : A versatile spell, because doing very good damage on a radius. Even if its primary aim is offensive, it is also useful in defense, as against Three Musketeers for example. You should know (and master) that you can camouflage the F没t de Goblins in the smoke of the Roquette and, as a result, an inattentive opponent risks having a little surprise.


Start / middle game (up to 1min) 

It's a deck that, as we can see, doesn't necessarily have a card that will make you win, but a set. Here, as a priority, you have to keep constant pressure on your opponent, to prevent him as much as possible from building pushes (or punishing), especially at this time of the game. Also, your offense should be based as much as possible on what your opponent has and generate a better out cycle, with the elixir advantages you have, coupled with the lightness of your deck. .

Depending on what you have, your goal, at first not gonna be to wait, unless your starting hand is not good. If you have the Goblin Barrel Princess or Gang of Gobelins, the best is to put one or an entry, to see what the opponent has. After knowing this point, your goal will be to model your attack on what he has, while ensuring your defense correctly. Do not hesitate, when you can, to use the Knight to absorb blows, as we wrote above. At this point in the game, your Roquette not going to serve much, unless your opponent decides to play the Three Musketeers not separated (advantage of 3 elixirs).


Double Elixir and Overtime

Even if your opponent should have less difficulty defending, you must always keep this pressure constant, knowing that the Roquette will be used more to finish the opposing turns. If necessary, you can adopt more defensive gameplay, especially if an opposing Tower is close to falling. If you manage to scratch the opposing towers enough and you use the Rocket and your units correctly, you should be the winner.



What is the problem / Replacements

This deck may have issues against some aerial decks, especially if they use Gargoyles. Indeed, when you look closer, you have no air units, and even if you have the Princess, you don't have the Baby Dragon, for example, to handle this stuff more easily. Be aware, in the case of Replacements, that you can have this deck without legendary cards, but that would reduce its effectiveness quite a bit. If desired, we advise you to replace the Princess by Gobelin in Sarbacane et The log by Zap/Electrocution.


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