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Our articles about Clash Royale Clash Royale: Hog Rider Deck Three Musketeers Arena 8 This powerful deck, with the Rider and the Three Musketeers as frameworks, will help you level up and access the legendary arena.

Public chat Clash Royale, Pig Rider and three musketeers are, as a general rule, two types of decks that enjoy good popularity, given the possible variants and the intrinsic quality of these two victory conditions. When you combine the two and put them into a set with a mastered move, you have a solid deck, coming from CRL China, which rules the Tournament mode, competes and can do it in the ladder . Even if he asks to cycle his deck and his defense cards well, you should do it with flying colors.

To complete the whole, we also advise you to read our list of cards.

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Composition of the Deck

Pig Rider

three musketeers

Royal Ghost



Ice Golem

The log

Average cost : 3,6 Difficulty : Medium/Hard

Function of cards :

Pig Rider : Your first victory condition. It has a dual role: to hurt opposing towers or clear unwanted buildings, but also to force, if possible, one or more large units and a large spell. As a result, this leaves the field more open to three musketeers.

three musketeers : Your second victory condition. It's a card that is often complicated for your opponent to defend, especially if you do it correctly, because he will have to pay attention to both sides of the arena, which can quickly become dangerous. Additionally, it accentuates air defense, although this card is primarily offensive.

Royal Ghost : One of the cycle cards, it is also a unit that requires special attention, because of its disappearance mechanic. Being able to play a mini-tank role, it is also useful against ranged units and useful in case you see two Musketeers only arrive near a Tower.

Hunter : Do you have a Giant or Golem in front of you? This card is the solution to this problem! Although at first it is there against air units/small units in general, its high melee damage is very useful against them and makes a difference. It's a strong card useful for forcing an opponent to snap a spell, which greatly benefits our deck.

Skeletons : The first distraction in your deck. Indeed, these cards are there to help you defend, but also to make your cycle more fluid. They are particularly useful against Princess and cards with a charge (like the Thief).

Ice Golem : Your second distraction and not the least. Capable of infinitely walking units, such as the donkey with a carrot at the end of its nose, it is also a mini-tank that can protect a push from the Rider ou Musketeers, but also help in the defense of an opposing push.

The log : Excellent against ground pushes and decks Log Bait, it is also useful against tombstones, commonly used in LavaLoon decks. To be more precise, if you use it at the right timing, the Skeletons to appear at the destruction of the Stone will be killed before being useful.

Fireball : Your damage spell, which can help you finish a game, defend and attack (with the right timing). It is also a choice spell against the horde of gargoyles.

Strategy during the game

As mentioned, this is a 'cycle' type deck, meaning that your victory won't necessarily be based on a big push, but on the fact that your rotation of cards are of good quality.

As for the strategy in place, it remains quite simple and applies throughout the game. Your goal is going to be to cycle your cards other than your Rider et Musketeers, in order to be able to counter-attack as best as possible.
This is a deck that benefits a lot from the fact that you can "split push", i.e. attack on both lanes at the same time. However, don't hesitate to be aggressive and push on the opponent's opposite lane: as you will see at the end of this article, it is largely possible to defend correctly with what you have. Therefore, if your opponent places a large unit or a building like the Elixir Extractor, do not hesitate to use your Rider in counterattack.

The ideal, at the start of the game, is to put your Royal Ghost, see your Ice Golem or the Skeletons, level your King's Rook and observe what your opponent is going to do, which is more important than usual. Indeed, by knowing his game, you will know when you can push, put your three musketeers (separated) without too much danger etc. It is important to use the Hunter on tanks like the Giant and the Golem, as it was written above.

If your cycle is good and you defend well, you should have no problem getting the win.

What is the problem / Replacements

The biggest problem you may have is spells. Although there is an element of "bait" in this deck, a spell like Tornado can cause problems, especially against three musketeers, being able to gather them, then potentially annihilate them afterwards whether it is with a unit or another spell. Lightning can also cause problems with these. Also, PEKKA can also represent a thorny problem: although the Ice Golem is very powerful against him if used well, he can be a pain if used defensively.

As for the replacements, there is only one, depending on your preference: indeed, you can opt for the Poison instead of the Fireball, as did Au1 from Nova in CRL China.

Finally, here is a video of Clash with Ash on this deck, showing you more of the gameplay to adopt:

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