Clash Royale: Magic Archer, new card

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Our articles about Clash Royale Clash Royale: Magic Archer, new card A new card is available on Clash Royale: it's the Magic Archer!

Since the release of Royal Ghost at the beginning of January, the editor of Clash Royale remained tight-lipped about the potential arrival of a new map. At the beginning of February, the new card, the Magic Archer leaked, it is a legendary!

The publisher had started to tease on its social networks... Now, the card is in play!

magic archer

“Half-sorcerer, half-archer, he fires a magic arrow that pierces through all enemies in his path, inflicting damage. No trickery, it's magic! »
Availability: Arena 10 (Mount of Pigs)
 Cost (in elixir)  Deployment time Type  Name
4 1 s Ground Troop 1
 Attack Speed ​​/ First  walking speed  Range / Firing Range / Radius  Target
1 s / 0.6 s Average 7 / 11 / 0.3 Sun & Air

Statistics by level

 Level  Point of view  Damage   damage per second 
9 490 96 96
10 539 105 105
11 592 116 116
12 651 127 127
13 715 140 140
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