Eat a slice of birthday cake in multiple matches, birthday challenge (2022)

Fortnite, or rather the battle royale, celebrates its fifth anniversary. For the occasion, several rewards can be obtained for free by players, in particular by completing special challenges. Fortunately, and as often for this kind of festivities, they are relatively simple. One of these challenges will naturally require you to eat a slice of birthday cakes in multiple parties.

Location of birthday cakes in Fortnite

If you are an experienced player of Fortnite, this challenge must tell you something. Every year, Epic Games asks its players to go in front of birthday cakes and eat them, to gain HP or shield. This year, for five-year-olds, you're simply asked to eat at least one slice of cake in five different rounds, which will drag out the challenge a bit.

To get hold of these birthday cakes, you will have to go to one of the big cities of the island (those named on the map), and go more or less to their center, to see these famous cakes. Be careful, in certain places, the developers have taken pleasure in moving the usual location of the cake, to add a little complexity, although they are all visible fairly quickly thanks to the balloons hung nearby.

Once in front, all you have to do is eat one of the many slices of cake, provided that no other player has passed before you and has made their gluttony speak. If so, you're going to have to go find another one. 

We have listed most of the birthday cake locations in fortnite.

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