Fortnite: How to get the gifts from the cozy Challet (Winter Festival 2022)?

Like every end of the year, since the release of Fortnite, players can celebrate the various year-end festivities and get gifts in battle royale, to customize their character and the items used on the battlefield. For this 2022 version, there are no big changes, but if you haven't taken advantage of the event in recent years, you may not know how to take advantage of all these freebies.

How to get the Winterfest gifts in the Cozy Challet?

Note that the operation is relatively simple. Every day, starting December 13, a gift will be available from 15 p.m.. To get it, just click on the snowflake icon, located between the "Play" tab and the "Battle Pass" tab. 

It is then necessary to go from this famous chalet, by clicking on "Enter" and then select the gift you want to open. Note that almost all of the cosmetics offered are exclusive to the event, meaning that it will simply be impossible to obtain them in any other way afterwards. Two outfits are among the gifts, the Arctic Adeline Outfit and the Sled Guff Outfit. It is also possible to get a third one by fulfilling certain conditions.

If you ever can't make it over Fortnite to collect your gift of the day, don't panic, these can be combined. The key is to collect them all before the end of the Winter Festival, January 3 at 15 p.m.

Epic Games often offers a series of challenges in parallel, but this will not normally be the case for this version. Winterfest 2022.
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