Fortnite: Lightsabers, where to find them? (2022)

On the occasion of Star Wars Day, this May 4, Epic Games is reimplementing the Star Wars universe in Fortnite. As you will see on your way to the battlefield, several references to the license created by George Lucas are present, ranging lightsabers to the Stormtroopers. Naturally, several challenges are offered to players, and we offer our help to validate them more quickly. 

Where to find lightsabers in Fortnite?

If you don't know how to put get your hands on the weapon of the Jedi Knights and the Sith in Fortnite, know that this is relatively simple. You can find the lightsabers in the chests, either the normal ones or the IO ones. However, the latter being quite present, you should have no trouble finding them. Especially since many other players will have collected some, which means that when you kill an opponent, you have a high chance ofget a laser saber.

Regarding the challenge, you are asked to block ten shots with the lightsaber. Just press the button you use to aim when another player is shooting at you to warn you. The lightsaber should then repel enemy fire. Completing this challenge will also allow you to recover 30 XP.

Lightsabers, like the challenge will be available until May 17, 2022, after which they will no longer be available in Fortnite.
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