Fortnite: Nindo 2022, how to get free rewards?

Naruto is back in Fortnite, with new skins. So that everyone can join in the fun, Epic Games has organized a small event, which offers players to collect cosmetics for free, by playing, through the Nindo 2022.

Nevertheless, it is not necessarily easy to know how the challenges work and what to do during these two weeks of challenges. Therefore, we offer a short summary below.

What are the Nindo challenges and rewards?

First of all, know that you must connect to the official site to recover Fortnite's Nindo rewards. When this is done, you will have to play in different modes, between June 21 and July 8. A total of six cosmetic items can be unlocked, depending on how you've progressed through the challenges. Your progress can also be tracked on the site.


  • Come on Itachi : Finish in the top 6 (solo, duos, trios and sections) → 1 badge
  • Leave the station : Survive 24 storm circles (solo, duos, trios and sections) → 1 badge
  • Hinata's way → Catch 20 fish (solo, duos, trios and sections) → 1 badge
  • Orochimaru's way → Get 18 kills → 1 badge

The rewards 

The following rewards are obtained when a badge is earned for a lane:
  • Come on Itachi → the shocked Itachi emoticon
  • Leave the station → the concentrated Gaara emoticon
  • Hinata's way → l'émoticone Byakugan de Hinata
  • Orochimaru's way → Orochimaru's Smile emoticon

Also, if five badges are earned on the same lane, you will get 20 XP, making a total of 000 XP if each lane gets 80 badges. If you want even more rewards, you will have to play even more.
  • Obtain 10 badges in total → Akatsuki coating
  • Complete all four lanes (40 badges) → the Manda glider
If you don't want to spend many hours playing each day, these cosmetics will be available for purchase later in the store.

When does the Nindo event end?

The event will not last very long, given that it will close its doors on July 8, in the morning. So you only have a little over two weeks to get as many badges as possible to complete the lanes and unlock these Naruto rewards.
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