Guide: Best PS4 Fitness and Health Games to Lose Weight at Home

What are the best PS4 fitness and health games to help you lose weight at home? While most PlayStation 4 games tend to find you in a solitary position, the console is also home to several great titles that will get you on your feet and sweating it out. With gyms closed and home workouts all the rage, you might be looking for fun ways to liven up your exercise time. In this list, we are going to share several titles that will help you get in shape from the comfort of your own living room.

Beat Saber (PS4)

Beat Saber is easily one of the most iconic PlayStation VR games to date, and as well as being exceptionally fun, it can also help boost your daily calorie burn. The title's fast-paced gameplay lets you smash bricks in time for increasingly choppy techno music – and its scoring system is tied to whole-body movements, so it actively discourages Nintendo Wii-cheating. esque with wrist movements. Since it's not a real fitness game, the title lacks detailed stat tracking on your performance, but it's good for core and arm exercise, and can be used as a fun cardio booster to incorporate into your home fitness routine.

BoxVR (PS4)

Boxercise is a big company, and BoxVR is designed to bring the high-intensity interval training associated with the popular activity to your home. Specifically designed as an exercise tool, you'll find detailed statistical tracking of your performance here, along with hundreds of professionally designed choreographed workouts. The core gameplay isn't much different from Beat Saber, as you're tasked with smashing blocks using a series of different jabs and top slashes. Above all, this title is updated regularly with new content, music and programs – and is especially effective when paired with a good set of wrist weights.

CREED: Rise to Glory (PS4)

If you're the type of person who doesn't typically appreciate gym settings, then CREED: Rise to Glory will give you the motivation you need to stay fit. While titles like BoxVR are no frills with their presentation, this movie tie-in puts you in the ring with none other than Rocky Balboa. What more could you want? As a fitness tool, it's a little less effective than BoxVR's more personalized experience, but boxercise principles apply here, and you can burn a lot of calories with a few rounds of this compelling PSVR title.

Just Dance 2020 (PS4)

Dancing is one of the most fun ways to exercise, and Ubisoft has made use of it with its effervescent Just Dance franchise. Although very few changes on a yearly basis, Just Dance 2020 features songs from Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande, and adds a custom playlist mode so you can listen to the music you love the most. Perhaps the most important feature of this franchise is its universal appeal, and a new kid's mode should help keep your kids active while they're away from school. You can use PlayStation Move controllers or a smartphone to track your movements, so it's very accessible depending on what hardware you have.

Sprint Vector (PS4)

Sprint Vector is a very interesting experience, as it works much like Mario Kart – except the twist is that you have to actively pump your arms like you're running in place. While it doesn't look like a particularly satisfying racing game on the surface, the mechanic is surprisingly tactile and fun - and due to the competitive setting, you'll still want to put in the maximum effort. This makes it a surprisingly effective fat burner.


SUPERHOT VR isn't advertised as a fitness game, and it shouldn't really be considered one. That said, it will test your strength, as you have to make very deliberate moves to dodge bullets in a Matrix-style experience. In this game, time only moves when you do, so you need to be precise with how you shape your body to succeed. It's not going to burn fat like some of the other titles on this list, but if you're looking to get active with a hugely entertaining title, look no further.

VirZOOM Arcade (PS4)

You'll need a proper exercise bike to get the most out of VirZOOM, so while the app can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store, there's an additional expense to consider. That said, this compilation of minigames will greatly improve tedious maneuvers, as it puts you in the back of a Pegasus and inside the cockpit of a Formula One car. online stats and leaderboards, so it's a great investment if you plan to do a lot of cycling at home.

Yoga Master (PS4)

Yoga is great for mental health as well as general fitness, and Yoga Master is the most comprehensive experience you'll find on PS4, with over 150 poses and dozens of programs to challenge you based on your mood. With a series of relaxing backdrops, breathing exercises and techniques, this game will help you become one with your mind and body – all from the comfort of your living room.

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