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Included in the Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection, Super Mario Sunshine brings a classic adventure to modern audiences, but with it come some old frustrations. This is especially evident in Sunshine's second leg, Ricco Harbour. Blooper Surfing is unique to this location, something that can really be a pain.

In this guide, we'll give you tips on the best way to complete this challenge, as well as which Bloopers are the best and how to change Bloopers.

How to start "Blooper Surfing Safari"

"Blooper Surfing Safari" appears in episode two. The game immediately points to a cave whose entrance is covered in Gooper Oil, the result of your previous boss fight with Gooper Blooper.

When you start, a wooden pier will appear to your right. There are three Blooper Racers in different colors: green, yellow and pink. It is important to choose your Blooper well because each one has different attributes.

Which Blooper is the best Blooper?

  • The Green Blooper has the best maneuverability but the lowest default speed
  • The Pink Blooper has the worst maneuverability but the highest speed
  • The Yellow Blooper provides a happy medium

All three Bloopers can reach the same top speed, which you can adjust by simply pushing the joystick forward.

Navigate the course

The racetrack itself contains many obstacles including spikes, rotating walls, stationary blocks, moving blocks, etc., so be careful.

Colliding with objects will cause Mario to lose a life, and the corners are pretty tight. As such, we recommend the Green Blooper here, but keeping that top speed high whenever possible.

Get a shard for completing the race (and a secret later)

Completing the course in under 45 seconds will reward you with a Shine Sprite. If you beat him but take longer, the Pianta won't be impressed and will throw you out of Ricco's harbor instead.

After completing Episode Two, a secret Shine Sprite can be obtained by replaying "Blooper Surfing Safari" and defeating it within 40 seconds.

For the best chance of success, use shortcuts by jumping over the two walls near the end, rather than jamming them.

Blooper Surfing in episode 6

Blooper Surfing reappears in Episode 6, “Red Coins In The Water.” As you might have guessed, it's about collecting eight red coins in a race through Ricco's Harbor.

To start this run, pound the big red switch on the ground. You'll only have two minutes to collect them all, so be quick!

As before, there are many obstacles to avoid, but your best course of action is to follow the trail of the yellow coins, as they lead to every red coin. Here are the exact locations of each of the red pieces:

  • Three are located between the floating buoys.
  • One is spotted by the platforms near the helipad
  • One next to the submarine, you will have to jump to get it.
  • One is stuck between two boats
  • One is under the helipad.
  • One is located under a platform.

After collecting all the red coins, return to the pier to collect the Shrine Sprite. Be careful though: you can crash if you're not careful.

How to get off a Blooper

To avoid crashing into the pier or Pinata wearing the ring when launching into the Sprite, it's best to get off your Blooper. To do this, jump into the red Rocket Nozzle box, located in the southeast part of the map. You'll see a red steel platform in the main construction area, and the Nozzle Box sits above it.

You'll have to do everything in your power to do either, but the alternative is to just get on the Shine Sprite, which might bump you into the pier and undo all your hard work. .

That's all you need to know about the Blooper Surfing Safari and how to get off a Blooper. For more on Super Mario Sunshine and the other games in the 3D All-Stars collection, be sure to check out our other 3D All-Stars tips articles, including how to get Yoshi in Sunshine and how to get the hood. wing in Mario 64.

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