How to get 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to unlock Kéké Laglisse and Remod'île?

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons How to get 3 stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to unlock Kéké Laglisse and Remod'île? If you manage to obtain a 3-star rating on your island, you will be able to bring Kéké Laglisse to a concert and you will also unlock the Remod'île application! Here are some tips for getting 3 stars to your island's reputation.

To advance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and unlock new features, you will need to obtain the score of 3 stars to the reputation of your island. 

Indeed, this note will allow you to bring Keke Laglisse, the famous singer, for a concert at the request of Tom Nook but also to unlock the application Island Remod to fully customize your island. Several steps will be necessary to get there, we explain everything!

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How to get 3 stars?

Iconic Animal Crossing character, Keke Laglisse is back in New Horizons! This one will not be present from your first days on the island, since you will have to succeed in getting him to come. It is Tom Nook who will offer to lure the huge star Kéké to your island, with the aim of having him perform a concert for the residents. This project, named " Project K will begin shortly after the improvement of the Residents' Office!

To succeed, you will have to increase the reputation level of your island, and succeed in winning 3 stars. Several steps will be followed, indicated by Tom Nook:

  1. Set up a campsite - This is a place that will be used to attract new residents to the island. All you have to do is install the kit given to you by Tom Nook, and you're done.
  2. Convince the new character to settle - A new character should arrive in this Campsite the day after its installation, go talk to him! You will have to convince him to stay on your island.
  3. Set up plots of land - Marie will quickly tell you about the reputation of the island, and suggest that you install plots to bring in new inhabitants. In total, you can install 4 plots of land, for 40 Bells in all. Know that you must have a minimum of 7 inhabitants on your island to get 3 stars.
  4. Improve your reputation - This step is the most complicated! To help you, do not hesitate to speak to Marie in the residents' office who will give you valuable advice.

Improve the reputation of his island

To quickly improve the reputation of your island and easily reach 3 stars, here are some tips:

  • Tear out all weeds
  • Plant flowers : if you plant flowers of the same family close to each other, you will also have the chance to grow hybrid flowers with new colors
  • Add some fences : you can get fence DIY plans by redeeming Nook Miles
  • Decorate the exterior of your island with meubles : you can buy furniture from the Nook Shop or exchange Nook Miles. We advise you to put large furniture that will allow you to quickly dress up your island

Once these four steps have been completed, Kéké Laglisse will finally come to your concert ! It is also once you have 3 stars that you will unlock the Remod'île app, allowing you to fully customize your island.

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