How to get all the cards quickly on Clash Royale?

Our articles on Clash Royale How to get all the cards quickly on Clash Royale? Unlocking cards can take a long time in Clash Royale. Here are 5 tips to help you get them quickly for your decks.

The cards on Clash Royale are as important as they are common, rare, epic, legendary. Everyone can build their deck with the cards they like. There are more than a hundred so make it your image!

To have all the cards of the game, no secret. It is necessary fight to get into the arena and unlock all the cards in the game. You can use the most effective decks in order to level up quickly. We also wrote an article about it on the best decks according to the arenas.

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5 ways to unlock cards in Clash Royale

There is no method to get all the cards in the game at once to improve them to level 14. However, there is several methods to get maps of your arena quickly in order to improve them. 

In chests

After your fights, you will have chests that will be offered to you in reward. You have different chests like silver chests, chests in gold, epic chests, giant chest, legendary chests or even Legendary King's Chests (very rare). 

Thanks to exchange tokens

You can get exchange tokens during special challenges, during the clan wars rewards / war bounties and the shop. They serve to trade cards with other clan members. There are 4 kinds of tokens: common, rare, epic, legendary. You can use these tokens to exchange 250 common, 50 rare, 10 epic and 1 legendary.

In the store

Everyday, the shop of the game is reset and you can find 5 different types of cards. Commons, rare, epic, legendary, in addition to a free reward.

By asking in the clan

Every 7 hours you can request cards in your clan. Warning, you will not be able to request epic or legendary cards. Only common et rares. The number of communes you can request is 40 against only 4 for rare cards.

With magic items

A very practical new way is to use magic items called Joker. There are 4 types: common, rare, epic and legendary. It allows you, for example, to apply the joker to a common card of your choice and to use it to improve this card. You can own up to 5 common, 000 rare, 1 epic, and 000 legendary wildcards.

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