How to get bomb bag in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD?

Important items are one of the main milestones in The Legend of Zelda franchise. With each completed dungeon, you will earn reliable equipment that will help you on your journey. One of these items is the bomb bag.

To get the Bag of Bombs, you must have reached the Eldin Volcanic Region. If you haven't reached this area yet, you must progress through the story and complete the first temple to reach this new fiery area.

If you have reached Eldin, you must navigate the area by solving the puzzles and then finding the five pieces of the Temple Key to enter the Temple of Earth. Upon entering the Temple of Earth, you must jump across the rock platforms until you come to a drawbridge. On either side of the platform you're on, there's a cog on a golden platform that you need to cut the rope to. Then look to the right of the drawbridge and you will see the same cog. Use the Beetle Gadget and use it to cut the rope.

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Once in the next room, kill the enemy Lizardfos just inside and jump on the giant floating ball. Then move to the right and you'll come to a platform with a cage on it. Crawl through the cage opening, kill the Bobokin inside, then throw a bomb through the cage opening you came from. This will destroy the rocks blocking the door. Now enter through this door.

Inside this room you need to kill two Lizardfos creatures. After defeating them, a chest will appear and inside is the bag of bombs.

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