How to touch the gloves in UFC 4

There are plenty of new fights to love in UFC 4. You can perform a clinch, a takedown, and maintain your defenses. You also have the option to change the grappling assist interface to suit your preferences. There are a lot of things you do in the game, and a linear mechanic from the other titles is the fact that you can touch your opponent with gloves before the match officially starts.

Before a fight begins, you have the option of touching gloves with your opponent. You can do this after the referee has told you and your opponent that the match has started. To do this, click the L2 trigger when using a PlayStation 4 controller or the LT trigger if using an Xbox One. You and your opponent are going to trade a quick smack with your gloves on, then the fight can start between the two of you. You want to move slowly while doing this because your fighter won't be able to do this by moving too quickly to prevent people from hitting a gauntlet.

Some players will continue to trick you into going for the touch of the glove. If they do, it may indicate that they should try to take any hits before a fight begins. You may want to be more aggressive towards an opponent who chooses to cheat you. Plus, who doesn't want to have a strong sportsmanship? We're all here to have fun and throw some competitive punches.

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