Mario Golf: Super Rush - How to use Backspin and Topspin

While you can just use your directional tools and power bar to usually land your shots fairly close to the hole in Mario Golf: Super Rush, true golf pros will use backspin and topspin to expertly place their balls at the hole. closer to a hole in one. as they can.

While it's not always necessary to use it, topspin and backspin will end up being your saving grace on some of the toughest courses, or when you have stiffer competition in online multiplayer modes.

Here's how to use backspin, topspin, and Super Backspin in Mario Golf: Super Rush:

How to Use Backspin and Topspin in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf : Super Rush — Backspin

In order to add backspin to your shots, you will simply need to double tap the B button when setting your power meter before a shot.

When choosing to use backspin, you'll want to try and land your shot as close to the hole as possible, potentially even a bit above it, to allow the backward momentum following the shot to slow the ball down. . This will be particularly useful on small greens or around holes closer to edges or obstacles.

Mario Golf : Super Rush — Topspin

To add a topspin effect to your shots, simply double-tap the A button when adjusting your power meter before a shot.

When you choose to use topspin, you need to make sure your shot lands a good distance from the hazards or the green to allow the extra distance allowed by this type of shot to help rather than hurt you. This shot is best used when you have a long fairway and want to get the longest shot possible.

And it's as simple as that! Be sure to add these techniques to your shots to gain as much competitive advantage as possible, and check out some of our other Mario Golf: Super Rush guides to prepare for the greens.

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