Mario Party Superstars: All Items and What They Do

Mario Party Superstars items are, without fail, the key to victory. Whether you're catching every star with a golden pipe or simply smashing through a locked door with the Skeleton Key, you'll need to rely on more than crazy mini-game skills to emerge victorious at every turn. You will also need a lot of coins. None of the Mario Party Superstars items are free.

How to Get Items in Mario Party Superstars

The easiest way to get items in Mario Party Superstars is to buy them from a Toad Shop space on the board, although the items they offer vary. Naturally, more valuable items cost more coins.

You'll also earn items by landing on special spaces in minigames, including item spaces and lucky spaces. Lucky Spaces in game modes are a bit less reliable, as they feature a roulette system with other non-item prizes – hence the name “Lucky Spaces”.

You can only use one item per turn, so think carefully before deciding which might benefit you the most.

All Mario Party Superstars Items

Here are all the items you can get your hands on in Mario Party Superstars.

Article Effet
Champignon Adds 5 spaces to any dice roll
Master key Open a locked door on this painting
Golden chain pipe Teleports you into space next to the star, making it impossible to miss the star on your next throw
Item Bag Gives you three random items
Call to bite Summons a Chain Chomp to move the star's location. There's no control over where he ends up, although it's handy to keep him away from others.
Gant the duel Allows you to start a duel with an opponent. You can choose which opponent and how many pieces are in play.
boo bell Summons Boo to steal coins or a star from an opponent of your choice. As with the Boo space, the Boo you summon charges 50 coins to steal a star.
chain block Switch places with a random opponent
Bloc Super Warp Swap places with a player of your choice
Hidden blocking card Spawns a hidden block, which can grant you coins or a star
Double star card The next time you get a star, you'll get a second one for free
Custom dice Lets you choose how many spaces you will move next
double dice Gives you two dice blocks for this round
triple dice Gives you three dice blocks for this round
cursed dice Gives you a dice that only rolls between 1 and 3. You can also use it against another player.
Loot Chest Allows you to steal an item from an opponent.

So much for how to get items and what they do in Mario Party Superstars. Hopefully this list of items helps you better understand which ones to keep an eye out for. Be sure to check out our other Mario Party Superstars guides for more tips and tricks.

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