Mortar Deck Clash Royale 2022

Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale 2022 Mortar Deck Mortar is widely used by Clash Royale pros. In this article, we will detail how and with which cards to play it to be effective.

What a deck Mortar is a fairly simple deck to play. It is enough to know well in what order to place your cards and voila. Note that some cards can be replaced by others if they do not suit you (example: replace the Log with the Barbarian Barrel).

In this deck we advise you to use a cannon cart, for an Gang de gobelins, for an Minor, the horde of gargoyles, for an Mortar, Spear Goblins, the Log, the Fireball.

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What cards for the Mortar deck in Clash Royale?

This deck only costs 3,5 elixirs. It is relatively little and it allows you to effectively defend if your opponent attacks you.

Cannon Cart - Goblin Gang - Miner - Minion Horde - Mortar - Spear Goblins - Log - Fireball

For the use of this deck, you have the choice ofattack first or let your opponent play his cards. Since you have a lot of defense cards, you can afford to let him do some offense. Otherwise you can attack first by placing your mortar on either side of the map (behind the bridge). When placing your Mortar, be sure to put the cart cannon in order to save you time and do the maximum damage to the tower opposite. In another time, play your Minor for scratch as much as possible or so even finish the tower you started with the Mortar.

Le rest of your troops will mainly serve you defend attacks and build up a counter attack solid. The weak point of this deck is that you don't have not a direct attack as with a pig rider or a G. Apart from the Minor and Fireball, it will be rare for you to touch the tower opposite, that is why you will have to train to use Mortar to make it as fearsome as possible.

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