Obtain the zero point pretzel effect, Nightmares 2022 challenge

As you will have noticed following the release of Update 22.20 of Fortnite, new challenges have appeared with the Fortnitemares event, Frenchified in Fortnite: Nightmares. Although not very difficult, since they are basically new things that are quite easy to pick up, you may not know exactly what to do to validate them. Do not panic, we explain everything to you. Here, we will help you to validate the challenge asking you toget zero point pretzel effect.

Obtain the zero point pretzel effect

This new Halloween event challenge simply asks you to consume three ground zero pretzels, which are not so easy to find. However, there is a technique to complete this quest in a few seconds, and even two, if you still have to do the “Dancing with Chrome Pumpkin” challenge. 

You can, in fact, go to this NPC, who has taken up residence in Flutter Barn, to buy ground zero pretzels, which act like food, giving you back life or a shield. The operation has to be repeated three times for the challenge to be validated, and you can therefore dance next to Chrome Pumpkin to do two quests in one. The price of a zero point pretzel is 120 gold bars.

Once the three ground zero pretzels have been consumed, in a single or multiple games, you will unlock the rewards, namely 15 Season XP.

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