PlayStation Studios acquiert Bluepoint Games

The PlayStation brand has grown rapidly alongside its direct competitor, Microsoft, in recent months. While Microsoft bought Bethesda in one of the most expensive acquisitions in entertainment history last year, Sony has been working behind the scenes to bolster its PlayStation Studios brand, getting its own studio in the process.

On September 30, 2021, Sony announced the acquisition of Bluepoint Games in a blog post. Known for popular Sony remakes like 2018's Shadow of the Colossus and 5's PS2020 exclusive Demon's Souls remake, the studio has been working closely with Sony for quite some time.

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We have linked the official blog post below:

Alongside this momentous acquisition, the PlayStation Studios team announced that Bluepoint is working on an original project for its next release, now intended to be a PlayStation exclusive. For a studio known for its remakes, the prospect of an original title is enticing, as the team at Bluepoint is undoubtedly talented enough to create its own game. More details on this project below.

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