PlayStation VR 2 specs and system requirements

Sony is preparing the next PlayStation VR headset for PS5 owners and the hardware seems to live up to its next-gen expectations. The company hasn't revealed official specs for PlayStation VR 2, but leaks from UploadVR tease some exciting new features, some of which haven't been implemented by VR competitors.

According to UploadVR, haptic feedback is provided directly in the headset, exclusive to PlayStation VR 2. While haptic feedback is a confirmed feature in official PSVR 2 controllers (see image below), the inclusion in the helmet is surprising.

Photo via Sony

Improved haptic feedback for realistic motor senses – like falling raindrops in returning and directional footsteps in Astro's playroom – was a welcome feature of the new DualSense controller that ships with the PS5. The benefits of haptic feedback directly in the new PSVR 2 headset could enhance VR's biggest tech selling point: immersion.

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Additional PlayStation VR 23 Headset Specs

The PlayStation VR 2 is expected to offer a 4K resolution of 4000×2040 pixels (2000×2040 per eye). This resolution slightly outperforms the Oculus Quest 2 (1832x1920 per eye) but falls short of the HTC Vive Pro 5's 2K resolution (2448x2448 per eye).

Additionally, a lens separation adjustment dial is expected to be included in the PlayStation VR 2 specifications. adapt to various IPD measurements.

UploadVR also speculated on direct eye tracking, made possible by foveated rendering. Expanding on the possibilities of this feature as improving social connectivity, they wrote:

“Eye tracking can also dramatically change the sense of social connection established between avatars in VR. Generally speaking, technology allows for more subtle expression resulting in a deeper sense of actually being with another person in a virtual world. Eye tracking could also be used for other uses, like much better throwing mechanics that account for what a player is looking at when releasing a virtual item. »

Required configuration

The PlayStation VR 2 will have fewer wires than its original counterpart, but it won't come 100% wireless like the Oculus Quest 2. The new headset will still require direct wiring to the PS5, most likely through a connection USB-C, the same console port used to charge DualSense controllers.

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