PS5 pre-order placeholders live at a popular UK retailer

Sony has yet to announce a price or release date for the PlayStation 5, and there's no reason to believe that information will appear anytime soon. Alas, popular UK retailer has decided to skip pre-orders, taking placeholders for both iterations of the console, along with various accessories such as the Pulse 3D wireless headset and media remote.

So how will all of this work? Well, actually, you register your interest. You will not be charged any fees at this time, but you will need to connect your card details to the system. When the official price is announced, you get the first dibs – or you can choose to cancel if it's not for you. Given that stock will likely be limited, that doesn't seem like a terrible idea – although obviously no one knows how many units will be allocated.

The Japanese giant said it was confident it would find a way “to ensure that PlayStations find their way to consumers who want them,” but shortages tend to occur during major console launches – and this one comes after a global pandemic, after all. We'll try to keep you updated on developments in the pre-order department, but for now please know that has placeholders in place.

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