Roblox : Codes Factory Simulator (Fevrier 2022)

Find a list of all the codes available on the Roblox Factory Simulator game to recover Cash or resources for free. To thank you for your loyalty, we offer you to win 800 Robux (10 euros) on the Discord server of our partner Roblox France.

Codes Factory Simulator

The various lists list all of the codes available, or which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on Factory simulator. These codes allow you to recover Cash or resources for free.

If some of the codes offered are no longer functional, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the list.

Factory Simulator Active Codes

  • $3870 → happyholidays
  • 1 x Advanced crate → tevinisawesomept2!
  • $3870 → randomcodehehpt2
  • $3000 → tevinsalwayswatchingyes!
  • $5640 → discordspecial
  • 2 x Advanced crate → TheCarbonMeister!

Factory Simulator Expired Codes

  • 3000 $ → greetingsmychildren
  • 3870 $ → October
  • 1 x Advanced crate → TwitterCode2021!
  • $ 3000 → Sub2Cikesha
  • 3000 $ → Firesam
  • 3000 $ → Kingkade
  • 3000 $ → Goatguy
  • 3000 $ → FSTHANKYOU!!
  • 3000 $ → TEAMGGS!!

How to activate codes in Factory Simulator?

If you want to activate codes in Factory Simulator, in order to recover cash or some resources for free, all you have to do is click on the shopping cart at the bottom of your screen, or on the “V” key.

This action should allow you to display a window called "Machines" at the bottom of which is a field where is written "Enter the Code Here". You will only have to inform one of the many codes present in the list above, before validating everything by clicking on the blue “Exchange” button. Of course, you can only enterone and only code at a time and repeat this action as many times as necessary and collect the dollars and resources that will help you in your adventure within Factory simulator.

Factory Simulator, what is it?

Factory Simulator is a game that was released in May 2021, developed by Gaming Glove studio. Factory Simulator is an experience in which you will have to harvest the resources offered in your world in order to build an industrial empire. Many machines are available to players such as machines for cutting down trees, extracting precious minerals or even for refining oil. Of course, all of these resources can be sold for maximum profit. The possibilities offered by the world of Factory Simulator are endless.

Don't forget to use some of the codes Factory Simulator, present above, to help you collect many bonuses that will help you develop your industrial empire faster.

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