Rocket League Store December 19, 2022

Every day at XNUMX p.m., Psyonix updates the Rocket League Item Shop by offering new cosmetic items, including chassis, decals, turbo boosts, goal blasts, wheels, player banners, attachments, and trails of any rarity, ranging from rare to very rare, including the imported and the exotic to finish with the Black Market, French in Black market. You will find, below, all the cosmetics available on the date of 19th December 2022 on boutique Rocket League.

Featured Items

Everyday Objects

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Every day Psyonix, the studio in charge of developing Rocket League, offered through the item shop new cosmetics divided into two distinct categories, namely β€œ Featured Items " and " everyday objects ". The objects present in the first category mentioned are available for 48 hours and are often much rarer and, therefore, more sought after than those from the second, the latter being able to be purchased over a period of 24 hours.

Of course, each of these items will be offered at a different price, ranging from 50 to 2000 Credits, depending on its type and level of rarity, classified by specific color codes (Pink β†’ Black Market, Yellow β†’ Exotic, Purple β†’ Very rare, Blue β†’ Rare). Before you spend the necessary Credits to get yourself the item you've always dreamed of, you'll know if the item in question is painted or certified. Of course, the Credits needed to acquire one of the items listed in the shop can be exchanged for real money:
  • 500 Credits β†’ 4,99 euros,
  • 1100 Credits β†’ 9,99 euros,
  • 3000 Credits β†’ 24,99 euros,
  • 6500 Credits β†’ 49,99 euros.
The objects currently present in the boutique Rocket League may have already been there a few days or weeks ago while others are potentially appearing there for the first time. However, there is no indication that an item available today will return to this same store one day or another. If any of the cosmetics present in the December 19 Rocket League store catches your eye, tell yourself that this may be the last time it will be purchasable through it.

We invite you to come back to our site every day to learn about the different objects present in the boutique Rocket League without having to launch your favorite Psyonix title.
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