Shuhei Yoshida: Don't give hope for a SOCOM revival

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida has just taken on a new role on PlayStation. He'll be working with indie developers before the PS5 launches, but in his spare time he clearly enjoys making waves. Twitter. He's definitely one of the best at retweeting and promoting community creations, reviews, and interesting Sony-focused content, but absolute abuse? This is surely a first.

Shuhei was very innocently responding to a tweet and promos from Hermen Hulst when no one showed up yesterday and said, "You killed Socom, shame on you, coward!". This is silliness at its finest, of course Shu himself wasn't the one to break the hearts of those who loved the tactical experience, but this is the internet for you today.

You killed Socom shame on your coward! — Robert Larocco (@Bloodthirstytt) November 7, 2019

The interesting thing about all of this is that Yoshida then retweets the attack, which was done just hours ago. Is Shuhei just laughing at the ridiculous tweet or hinting at something? Probably not, but we just went there and have our hopes back for SOCOM's return. Good God, Shuhei Yoshida. He knew what he was doing!

Do you hope SOCOM will ever come back? Do you think Shuhei Yoshida is hinting at something? Get a team in the comments below.

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