The Online Turnip Course in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons The online turnip price in Animal Crossing New Horizons The economy in Animal Crossing New Horizons... it's quite a story! So if you want to follow the course of the turnip with certain players, a site may interest you...

Every Sunday, it's the same refrain on Animal Crossing New Horizons : each player goes buy turnips in Porcelette in the hope of reselling them at the highest price. There are two solutions for this: stay on your island in order to sell the turnips to Meli & Melo when the price is highest or... join a player's island where the turnip costs more! Thus the course of the turnip was born in Animal Crossing ; we could even compare it to the stock market in real life...

But when you have few friends who play Animal Crossing and the price of turnips on your island is not at all advantageous, you are stuck. Even though Nintendo gives us a week, sometimes we just don't have time. This is where the idea of Thomas CLOAREC join the game ! He has created a site where you can follow the turnip course with more than 600 French-speaking players (the number of registered players on the site). The goal? Allow players to join together to make the most profit from selling turnip !

Follow the course of the turnip on your island with the graph set up on the site


How to follow the online course of the turnip?

Public chat Animal Crossing Turnip, you can follow all this and know which island to go to sell. By registering on the website, you can access various very useful features:

  • un evolutionary graph of its turnip price and also a comparison with last week's rates
  • un notification system by email and/or sms when choosing the minimum rate you want. (3 times a day)
  • un internal chat system for dialogue with others if desired
  • un discord server connected to the site (notifications every 3 hours of the best rate on the site)

And since Animal Crossing is an extremely community game, when you go to register on the site, you will be asked if there are things to know before coming to your island : what do you want in exchange, what should not be uprooted or picked, etc...

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