Throw Birthday Gifts, Birthday Challenge (2022)

Fortnite, or rather the battle royale, celebrates its fifth anniversary. For the occasion, several rewards can be obtained for free by players, in particular by completing special challenges. Fortunately, and as often for this kind of festivities, they are relatively simple. One of these challenges will naturally require you to throwing birthday gifts.

Throwing Birthday Gifts in Fortnite

If you are an experienced Fortnite player, this challenge must tell you something. Every year, Epic Games asks its players to go in front of birthday cakes and eat them, to gain HP or shield. But he also very often asks to use birthday gifts. For this time, it will suffice to roll one (five to be precise), corresponding to the five years of the game.

However, for many players it is not obvious where we can find these gifts. Just know that we find birthday gifts while playing. This is loot that we can collect from the ground or from chests. So you just have to do as usual: open chests. With luck, you'll get one very soon. If she is not on your side, you will have to wait a little longer.

once five birthday gifts thrown, you will have completed the challenge and unlocked a special and exclusive reward.

As a reminder, unlike most of the challenges offered by Epic Games for the past few months, these challenges are available to all players and it is not necessary to have the Battle Pass to take part in them and collect the various rewards.
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