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I am a digital writer of informative posts for user interest. My passions? The site marketing and writing. I write to attract the reader's attention and interact with him. I like it to make sure that my texts can give information to people who need it and be able to help them with mine knowledge. I invite you to take a look at my articles and leave a comment.

I'll be happy to answer you!

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Licensed in Marketing from the University of:


Born in Formentera and resident in Barcelona

I'm a digital writer specializing in the online industry. My hobbies? I enjoy sports such as windsurfing, sailing and everything related to the sea. I practice a bit of Gaming in my spare time, but I also like to enjoy a good chat with friends.

As a writer, I like to create valuable content for information lovers (information is power). Analyst and passionate about new technologies.

My studies have taken me through many fields, ranging from education, psychology, sports, and more recently and professionally as a digital editor.

I don't know what the future holds, but I hope to be here to tell you.


Superior Technician in Physical and Sports Activities

Diploma in Physical Education at the Faculty of Blanquerna, Ramon Llull ( Barcelona )

1st Cycle of Psychology at the Faculty of Blanquerna de Ramon Llull (Barcelona)

Graduate in Journalism at:


Senior Marketing Student in EU Mediterrani (Barcelona) currently writing articles of interest on all types of content. Lover of marketing and digital strategies, in these four years I have been able to learn the different skills of Marketing, knowing many of its fields.

My passions? I am currently a member of the Board of Directors of the CN Tortosa swimming club, and I also participate in their master's team.

Licensed in Marketing from the University of:


Marketing student at EU Mediterrani (Barcelona). I am currently writing and translating articles of all kinds of content. My main passions are marketing and writing. I like to inform the client with the best quality content possible. I am currently focused on the technology and travel sectors.

Marketing student at the University of:


Marketing student at EU Mediterrani, I am currently a digital copywriter of all kinds of content. I like to see that with my texts I can attract the reader's attention by providing information of interest to them that they won't find elsewhere. I am training to know more deeply all the marketing fields, but if one thing is clear to me, it is that when it comes to specialising, it will be closely related to writing.

My hobbies? I'm a basketball coach and I also manage part of the social media for Club Basket Almeda. But my other main hobbies are reading and nature.

Marketing student at the University of:


I am currently a marketing and advertising student at the Centre d'Estudis Politècnics de Barcelona.
I consider myself a fan of the world of advertising and design.
My hobbies? I love going to the gym, being with my friends having a good beer and, above all, fashion. 

Licenciada en Marketing en la Universidad de:


I am Venezuelan and I come from a country where there are not many opportunities, luckily here in Barcelo- na I have been able to gradually develop my skills as a digital copywriter. I have a degree in Business Admi- nistration and Management. My hobbies? Digital Marketing, which I have been able to develop being in this great city. I like to write about any kind of content and for social networks.

I am a very adventurous person who loves the beach, summer, travelling and being with friends.


I am a final year Marketing student at EU Mediterrani in Barcelona. In four years I have been able to see and learn a lot about the different aspects of Marketing and I have opted for the field of digital content, I currently write articles of interest on many aspects. 

My hobbies? I've been playing basketball since I was 5 years old, I love going for walks in the mountains with my two dogs and playing the electric guitar until my fingers bleed. 

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Degree in Marketing:


Final year student of Marketing and Advertising at Centre d'Estudis Politècnics (Barcelona). I love digital marketing, new technologies and innovative strategies. Currently I am a great fan of writing and translating articles of interest of all kinds of content. Check out my social networks!


I am 22 years old and I finished my degree in Marketing at Escola Universitària Mediterrani in Barcelona and I write articles of interest. My favorite fields of work are market research and direct marketing, although I also like to generate content for the interest of users of all kinds.

My passions include reading, sports and nature. I actively participate in C.E. Caldes and as a leisure and leisure monitor in the EESC.

Licensed in Marketing from the University of:

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