Warning about the content

The Official College of Psychologists of Madrid advises us to make a responsible use of the interaction with video games, especially in young people and in case of possible disorders or addictions we recommend to go to a specialist.

The major negative impact related to the world of video games in some people can be considered as addiction. The addiction to video games is a disease that can provoke in the person the uncontrollable need to play compulsively. The person feels unable to control his desire and his desire leads him to play for a large number of hours. 

One of the main reasons why video games can become so addictive is that they are designed specifically for this purpose. Some of the possible causes that can increase video game addiction are: 

Solitary living habits

Lack of other stimuli

Problems at home, at school or at work.

These factors may be related to a need for escape in the person who suffers from video game addiction because while playing he/she feels in a safe place and has a good time. 

Some of the consequences of video game addiction are pain and postural diseases due to the fact of spending many hours playing video games can lead to the development of bone, joint or circulation problems, especially in the back, thighs and hands.