When does World of Tanks Console: Season 2 end?

World of Tanks Console: Season 2 is live. Wargaming's tank-focused MMO has a new season packed with fresh content for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans.

Season 2 sees Wargaming collaborating with popular toy car brand Hot Wheels on a new Season Pass, rewards for non-Season Pass holders and the chance to earn $10000 through the Season Rewards Program 2.

World of Tanks Console: Season 2 launched on September 22, and while the Hot Wheels collaboration will be around for quite some time, you might be wondering when its end date will be. After all, games' seasonal content is only available for a certain period of time, so it's good to know how long you'll have to complete the Season Pass and earn your rewards.

The Season 2 end date will be Monday, December 7. That gives you 11 weeks to reach the highest Hot Wheels Season Pass rank, participate in special in-game events, and more. The length of this season is in line with previous World of Tanks seasonal content, as well as other games like Fortnite, which have seasons that last 12 weeks.

The December end date for Season 2 also falls a few weeks before the main part of the holiday season. As such, Wargaming will likely have holiday-themed content to release around this time, so it only makes sense that the Hot Wheels collaboration would wrap up before this time of year.

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