Will Rogue Legacy 2 be coming to consoles?

The first Rogue Legacy was a roguelike where, after you died, your ancestor attempted to storm the castle to avenge your loss. Your ancestor would come with genetic differences and sometimes complications. These traits included color blindness, dextrocardia, hypochondria, tunnel vision, or even dementia, making them insane to control. The list was long. Rogue Legacy 2 will have many of the same traits, giving your kids who try to get revenge on you the chance to do better than you. The game is coming to PC on August 18, but when is it coming to consoles?

We do not have the answer to this question. We can use Rogue Legacy's history to at least acknowledge that you can expect to see it on consoles in the future. The first game eventually found its way to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It took almost a year to hit Sony's consoles, so we can probably expect to see it less than a year after its PC launch, maybe even sooner considering the PlayStation 5 is due out. during the 2020 holidays.

When we know the exact date Rogue Legacy 2 is coming to consoles, we'll update this page. We hope it will become widely available on all platforms, but it might be phased. The first Rogue Legacy came to PlayStation nearly a year after the PC release, then to Xbox One in 2015 and to Switch in 2018. Hopefully due to the game's proven popularity, we can all see it coming. players much earlier.

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