Artifact: Objects and Shops

Our articles on Artifact Artifact: Items and Stores Find out everything there is to know about Items and the Store in Artifact.

Items are special cards in Artifact. They are their own deck, cost no mana, and are not tied to a color like other cards. Here's everything you need to know about them.

There are 4 types of Objects:

→ Consumables
→ Weapons
→ Armors
→ The Trinkets

Consumables are single-use items. They will generally be used to heal units, draw or grant you other bonuses.

Weapons, Armor and Trinkets are Items that equip Heroes.

The Store

At the end of each turn, you have access to the Store. It always contains 3 Items: 1 Consumable, 1 Random Item from the player's Item deck, and 1 random Item that cannot be a consumable. When an Item is purchased, it is automatically replaced in the Store with a new one.

Your Items deck is a secondary deck that must contain at least 9 Items. It cannot be modified during the game.

To purchase an Item from the Store, you must spend Gold. You gain 1 Gold for each enemy Creep killed, and 5 for an enemy Hero. Store contents are random, but you can pay Gold to keep Items in the Store from turn to turn.

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