Roblox : Codes My Supermarket (Février 2022)

Find a list of all the codes available on the My Supermarket game from Roblox allowing you to recover money quickly and for free. To thank you for your loyalty, we offer you to win 800 Robux (10 euros) on the Discord server of our partner Roblox France.

Codes My Supermarket

The various lists list all of the codes available, or which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on My Supermarket. These codes allow you to recover cash or objects that will allow you to develop your supermarket.

If some of the codes offered are no longer functional, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the list.

My Supermarket Active Codes

If the code entered does not work, do not hesitate to enter it repeatedly, the developers having implemented a system to counter exploits.
  • Reward → ONEYEARGO (New)
  • 2 x Green plant (decoration) → LIKEPANDAFG2
  • 2 x Pansy (decoration) → LIKEPANDARX2
  • 2 x Lavender (decoration) → LIKEPANDALA2
  • Reward → LIKEPANDADB2
  • 2 x Fly trap (decoration) → LIKEPANDAVF2
  • A special reward after finding all Easter Eggs in town → LIKES0404EA
  • 1 x Parking sign (decoration) → LIKES10000WO
  • 2 x Snowflake chandelier (decoration) → LIKES7500SJ
  • Employee Henry → LIKES5000HN
  • 10 000 dollars → LIKES2000FF
  • 5000 dollars → RPGLIKES1000XJ
  • 2000 dollars → RPGLIKES500LD 
  • 1000 dollars → RPGLIKES200SW
  • 2 x Sunflower (decoration) → LIKES3000KN

Expired Codes My Supermarket

  • 2 x Snowflake chandelier (decoration) → LIKES7500SJ
  • 1 x Romantic decor (decoration) → LOVEPANDA2021

How do I redeem codes in My Supermarket?

If you want to activate codes on My Supermarket, in order to recover various amounts of cash, you just have to click on the toothed wheel, present at the top of your screen. From then on, you should see a new “Settings” window appear, which will offer, to its left, an “ABC” tab. You will only have to click on it to access a text field in which is written "Enter the code, please!" ".
Roblox : Codes My Supermarket (Février 2022) Roblox : Codes My Supermarket (Février 2022) Roblox : Codes My Supermarket (Février 2022)
You will then only have to inform one of the many codes present in the list above, before pressing the blue "Enter" button. Of course, you can only enterone and only code at a time and repeat this action as many times as necessary and recover the necessary cash allowing you to develop your business in My Supermarket.

My Supermarket, what is it?

My Supermarket is a game that was released on December 3, 2020 by Rock Panda Games studio. As its name suggests, My Supermarket, will allow you to manage your own supermarket from A to Z. It will be up to you to organize the shelves of your store, while thinking of recruiting more or less competent employees in order to save precious seconds and potentially, more or less money. The codes My Supermarket will give you the opportunity to collect cash or various items, which will be useful to develop your store more easily and quickly.

Play My Supermarket If you want more information about Roblox or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players, we invite you to join the Roblox France Community Discord.
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