Animal Crossing New Horizons: Easter eggs, all types and how to find them

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Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons: Easter eggs, all types and how to find them Celebrate Easter in the most beautiful way on Animal Crossing New Horizons! Discover all the secrets about the different types of eggs and how to find them.

The Egg Festival has started on Animal Crossing New Horizons! From March 28 to April 4, 2021, the rabbit Albin hid some 脜 鈥渦fs everywhere on the island and it's up to you to look for them and recover them!

Thanks to the hidden eggs, you will be able to create different objects related to the theme of Easter and the Egg Festival, collecting diy blueprints. You can also eat the eggs: the effect will be similar to that of the fruits and you will become stronger. 

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It exists in all 6 different types of eggs which depend on the location where you can find the egg. 


You can also find eggs by traveling to Mystery Islands. 

L'脜 鈥渦f terrestre

In order to find an Earth Egg, search anywhere on the ground of your island. If you find a marker on the ground similar to that of the fossils, dig with your skin and you might come across a To 鈥渢er terrestrial.

The mineral egg

To find Mineral Eggs, you will need a skin or a aitch in order to hit the rocks. Some rocks, in addition to giving you Stone or Nuggets, will also give you a Mineral Egg!

The leafy egg 

Eggs also grow in trees ! You may have already noticed that all your leafy trees turned into cherry blossom trees. Be careful, not to be confused with your cherry fruit trees, which remain the same. If you look in your leafy trees in bloom, you can see eggs that have grown! Just shake the tree to pick up the leafy eggs

The woody egg

The trees are not done with their secrets, since you can also find wooden eggs using your aitch on different trees. While attempting to chop wood, you also have a chance of dropping a Woody Egg. The good news is that it works with all types of trees: leafy trees, fruit treescypress and even palm !

The aerial egg

Don't forget to look up in the air because eggs can also arrive by air. You will thus see in the air egg shaped gift balloons. Don't delay, because these balloons are moving faster than the usual balloons. If you manage to pop the balloon, you have a chance to collect a aerial egg or a diy blueprint on the theme of egg festival.

These balloons also seem to appear more frequently than regular gift balloons, so be sure to move around your island and listen for the characteristic sound of the balloon in the air. 

The Aquatic Egg

Albin the rabbit warned you: eggs are EVERYWHERE. And yes, even in water. To recover them, you will have to bring your fishing rod. Go near a waterhole and look for medium to large aquatic forms. Cast your fishing rod and you might be lucky enough to catch a Water Egg.

You can get Aquatic Eggs both in the rivers, the ponds ou Sea

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