How to get coffee in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons How to get coffee in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Coffee is now available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with the arrival of Robusto. We explain how to get it!

The latest free updateAnimal Crossing: New Horizons is finally available for all players, with a lot of new features! It is now possible to cooking in Animal Crossing, but also to unlock the Robusto coffee, also called “Le Perchoir”.

More how to unblock this cafe, eagerly awaited by many players? We give you the different steps to follow to get it, starting by talking to Thibou, in the museum!

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Coffee in Animal Crossing, how to unlock it?

The coffee, eagerly awaited by many players, is finally available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! But to unlock it it is necessary to follow some specific steps :

  • Start by going talk to Thibou, at the Museum
  • Once that's done, go with Admiral, and go to the mystery island he offers you
  • It is on this island that you will find Robust, to whom you must speak
  • Then return to your island, then talk to Thibou again
  • All you have to do is wait 2 days before discovering this new coffee

Certain conditions must also be respected to access the cafe:

  • To have built the museum
  • Have done 5 donations or more at the museum
  • Have done at least one donation of each type : fish, insects, fossils, sea creatures and art
  • Have attended the first concert of Kéké Laglisse
  • Talk to Thibou at least one day after the first concert

Once that's done, you can go to Robusto, in his new café! You can drink coffee, but also bring the new amiibos from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection. Other novelties are to be discovered on your island, such as cooking recipes or the addition of new vegetables to discover with Racine!

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