Where is Admiral in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

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Our articles about Animal Crossing: New Horizons Where is Admiral in Animal Crossing New Horizons? A new character is making a stopover on the islands of Animal Crossing New Horizons! How to find Captain Admiral on your island?

More than a year after its release, the islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons continue to surprise gamers with free updates.

In the November 5, 2021 update, a new character appears: Captain Admiral! You can find it moored at pontoon, southeast of your island to explore a mystery destination.

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Where to find Admiral on Animal Crossing?

If you have already explored many mystery islands with Dodo Airlines, it's time for a change of scenery! The sailor admiral will take you to new horizons aboard his small boat. You will find it moored on the pontoon of your island, which is located in the southeast of the map. The cute turtle will gladly take you to a mystery destination against 1 000 Miles Nook.

However, certain conditions must be met to access the Admiral's boat:

  • Visit at least one mystery island with Dodo Airlines
  • Attend the first K茅k茅 Laglisse concert and wait at least a day

If you meet these conditions, Admiral will be present every day on the pontoon of your island!

Admiral is at the pontoon present on your island

Admiral's Mysterious Islands

Admiral will take you to mysterious islands like you've never seen before. You will find new plants that you can then bring back to your island. Some islands will allow you to travel in other seasons and time zones and thus enjoy the snow in the middle of summer! You will also find gyroid fragments on these islands.

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