Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

2019 may not have been the best year for video games, but there's a silver lining to that fact: PS4 Games Tip's annual list of PlayStation 4 games you've already forgotten has never been so long! That's right, while staffers and contributors have made their lists of what they think are the biggest titles of the year, these are games that probably won't happen again on any of these coins.

These are the experiences that eluded you if they managed to enter your brain in the first place. The ones so generic that they failed to hook you into their offers to keep playing. These are the PS4 games you've already forgotten about despite being released less than 365 days ago.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

Far Cry: New Dawn

Sortie Date: 15 February 2019

Far Cry: New Dawn was a decent enough game, but it's no longer good enough in the AAA space. Considerably similar to its predecessors, Ubisoft failed to make this vibrant and colorful spin-off stand out from the crowd despite launching at a reasonably quiet time of year. The Far Cry formula has gone stale over the past few years, meaning another one of these is an easy pass for most.

Rewind a few years and Far Cry: New Dawn probably would have been a worthy follow-up to one of the numbered entries, but in 2019 it feels incredibly outdated. Ubisoft needs to seriously rethink this series before a sixth main game arrives.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

Metro: Exodus

Sortie Date: 15 February 2019

Metro: Exodus should have been the entry that really put the series on the map, but the final product did anything but. Abandoning its linear routes, the open-world structure didn't work in the game's favor - turning what could have been something special into a rather forgettable trek through Russia.

Much better games have since happened to cement that too. The victim of hype hasn't entirely destroyed the franchise's chances of becoming something much bigger, but developer 4A Games will have to go back to the drawing board if it ever wants a proper release party. Metro: Exodus may have been decent, but it certainly didn't make the noise the studio would have hoped.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

left alive

Release Date: March 5, 2019

Ouch, Left Alive is up there with the absolute worst games of 2019. The absolutely baffling stealth-turned-bot-battle experience received an absolute pass when the reviews hit, which means nearly all interested parties got very quickly added the game to the jump pile. Described as "a raging, unfair, lifeless stain" in PS4 Games Tip 2/10 review, having to remember this one only brings back negative memories.

Left Alive is a game that should be avoided like the plague, so it's probably a good job that it was forgotten almost instantly. A title that probably shouldn't have caught its breath in the first place.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

Division 2

Release Date: March 15, 2019

The Division 2 felt like one of the biggest PS4 games of 2019 for about two months. Everyone loved Ubisoft's latest iteration of the looter shooter after it launched with a seemingly robust endgame and lengthy single-player campaign that got you there. And then, over the summer months, it practically fell off the surface of the planet.

The game's first raid was unfairly difficult on consoles, meaning only the absolute best teams of eight players could make progress at the time. Then its DLC drops came and went like a wet fart, creating a live game that looks pretty much dead in the water. Various fixes, updates, and content removals may have improved the experience since, but the community that's still there to care has dwindled considerably since we've been playing it day and night for a hot second.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019


Release Date: May 14, 2019

A sequel to RAGE was released earlier this year. Do you remember that one? Probably not. Bethesda's sheer audacity to develop a sequel to the previous generation title, RAGE 2 was all too quickly forgotten. We happen to like the game just enough to give it a recommendation, but that must have fallen on deaf ears as we constantly have to remind ourselves that it exists even six months later.

Two whole chunks of DLC have seemingly come and gone since, but you wouldn't know it. Criticized for a generic and boring open world, RAGE 2 stuck to the tried and true formula we all adopted a few years ago.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Release Date: July 26, 2019

After the excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order was followed by the not-so-good Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, it was up to BJ Blazkowicz's daughters to pick up the pieces. However, Wolfenstein: Youngblood couldn't have dropped the ball harder. What might be the most generic game of the year wasn't fun at all - making it an incredibly easy pass for those interested in the spin-off.

Criticized for its difficulty, spongy enemies and boring open world, sisters Jessie and Zofia's tale was quickly forgotten despite being launched during a very quiet summer time. If that's not the most damning statement buyers can make, we don't know what is.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

Release Date: July 26, 2019

That's right - not one, but two entries in the Wolfenstein franchise have made their way to market this year. They even both came out on the same day! VR exclusivity hasn't exactly set PlayStation VR on fire, despite a pretty warm reception from us in the PS4 Games Tip review. If you thought Wolfenstein: Youngblood had been forgotten, then Cyberpilot probably didn't enter anyone's mind.

Released for a VR headset on the same day as a counterpart that actually had quite a bit of buzz about it, despite the latter's mediocrity, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot had every chance of doing it right from launch. However, it doesn't look like we missed too much.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019


Release Date: August 27, 2019

Wreckfest's PS4 outing was always going to be put on the back foot thanks to launching years after its PC counterpart, but it seems almost no one recorded its arrival on consoles in the first place. He didn't even have a chance to be forgotten despite being a good runner – a rarity this generation. Combining traditional racing with the unpredictable nature of destruction derbies, it's a game that didn't mind getting dirty when it got tired of being stuck in second place.

Unfortunately, this did not translate into sales. Wreckfest has already been passed by Need for Speed ​​Heat as the big driving experience of 2019, which means a small online community will likely never get a chance to grow. He deserves this shot, but that won't happen when most have completely forgotten about his existence.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019


Release Date – September 10, 2019

GreedFall had surprising hype before its launch in early September, and even we played a part in it. It looked really good in the pre-launch footage, and while it was definitely Spiders' best game, it wasn't that good. The developer announced that they would not release any DLC after release, which might be one of the biggest factors, but almost forgotten three months later.

It's definitely an RPG worth playing if you're a fan of the genre thanks to "an intriguing world, likable characters, and solid gameplay", but the amount of anticipation that came with it could have been more of a curse than a blessing. A good game indeed, but not particularly memorable.

Feature: PS4 games you already forgot were released in 2019

The Surge 2

Release Date: September 24, 2019

The Surge 2 was almost a good video game, but even if it had come to fruition, it probably wouldn't have done much for its chances of success. The Souls-like is better than its predecessor, but releasing in one of the busiest Septembers we've had in a while probably wasn't the best idea. Some DLC is trying to put it back on the map as we head into 2020, but only those who already have a copy of the game would consider picking it up.

We praised it for "an awesome approach to health regeneration and brutal, bloody kills that are just as satisfying to pull off as slashing an enemy into submission," but that clearly wasn't enough to transform the release. into something we remember fondly months later.

How many of these PS4 games have you forgotten? Is there a title so vague that even we missed it from our list? Remind us in the comments below.

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