FM 2022: Some ideas for clubs to start or have fun

It is sometimes difficult to know in which club to launch his new coaching career on Football Manager. If we put our club of hearts aside, the choice can be difficult given the countless possibilities available to us. This is why we offer you a small list of clubs to train, whatever your motivations: find a challenge, take control of the game or simply have fun, there will be something for everyone.

We offer you at least one club in the five biggest leagues, but also some challenges to do in less prominent or lower leagues.

Some club ideas for FM 2022


Let's start with the Premier League. The simplest choice is obviously Newcastle, which has just been bought by an investment fund from Saudi Arabia, with the ambition of reigning over Europe. These ambitions could also be yours, with a starting budget set at 200 million euros, which will give you carte blanche or almost to impose yourself in one of the most competitive championships in the world. This challenge will however be a bit easy for experienced trainers.


A member of English Division 3 (League One), Sunderland must very quickly be promoted to the next level and return to the Premier League within a few seasons. Club whose fall was popularized with the Netflix series Sunderland 'Til I Die, you can land in the club in the north-east of England with the aim of giving back pleasure to the supporters, who have not experienced the best of these last years.


Let's cross the Channel to land in Ligue 1 and more particularly in Saint-Étienne. Very badly in Ligue 1 for a few months, chaining the galley seasons, you could arrive in Forez with the objective of finding Europe and stabilizing the greens in the first half of the table. Above all, you can rely on the very qualitative training center here, which has seen the birth of several good players in recent years. A challenge that could suit all players.


In the antechamber of Ligue 1, several clubs can be interesting in the medium term. Toulouse is naturally part of it. After having narrowly missed the rise in L1, the TFC is one of the biggest clubs in L2 and will allow you, there too, to rely on a quality training center. The transfer budget of 11 million euros should allow some to do well during the transfer window.


Freshly won the Europa League, Villarreal will naturally be keen to confirm their comeback. This is an excellent club to face the challenge of winning the Champions League in the short term.

AC Milan

With intelligent recruitment, AC Milan is back in the Champions League. Always in search of a coronation in Serie A, you will then have the heavy task, but not insurmountable, of winning the title awaited for more than ten years. This is an ideal club for those wishing to start, or have fun over a few seasons. The team is all the more very well balanced, between experienced players and young prodigies.

RB Leipzig

In the Bundesliga, there are many clubs that can be of interest. Here, the objective will be to put an end to the hegemony of Bayern Munich, which has won all the titles for nine years. RB Leipzig is one of the candidates, thanks in particular to its young players. You will have the heavy task of having to impose yourself on the national and international level by building a team which could evolve from one season to another, taking into account the requests of the management.

Werder Bremen

Relegated to the 2. Bundesliga, like other German behemoths in recent years, Werder Bremen is one of the German D2 clubs that can be interesting to take in hand to bring them back to the fore. In the same kind of challenge, Schalke 04, Hanover 96 or even Hamburg can be chosen. 

PSV Eindhoven

To finish with this selection, we can also recommend PSV Eindhoven, a great Dutch club which managed to make some good progress in the Champions League in the early 2000s (Lyon supporters have some memories of it), but hardly to impose itself on the European scene for several years. Great rival of Ajax Amsterdam, you will also have a challenge across the country, the capital club having won half of the titles in the last ten years.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and many other challenges can be met in FM 2022, whether in one of the championships mentioned above, or a more "exotic" region in which we also find very good players and nuggets. By the way, speaking of nuggets, we have made you a guide summarizing the best nuggets of FM 2022 here. You will find a free players guide here.

As a reminder, Football Manager 2022 is available from November 9, 2021 on PC, via Steam. If you want to get it while saving money, we remind you that our partner Instant Gaming offers it to you, at unbeatable prices, on:
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